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Hello! I am Adrienne Dupree. I am an author, an entrepreneur and a Program Manager for a government contractor. Specifically, I am an online and affiliate marketer.

My book, Leave The Corporate World Behind, chronicles the stories of online marketers who have left corporate America and now have a full-time online marketing business. It also includes part-time online marketers who still work in corporate America. I am also a contributing author to What Is Your Why? and Positioning Yourself as an Expert: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Become Credible Authorities.

Welcome to Leave The Corporate World Behind. My mission is to teach people in corporate America who want to get out of the rat race how to start an online internet marketing business. The goal of this online marketing business is to replace their income. It will also allow them to control their own destiny and stop trading time for dollars.

Leave The Corporate World Behind has developed various products that can assist you in developing a successful business. How To Create An Amazon Store is step-by-step video training will show how to create your own Amazon aStore that is fully integrated into your WordPress site. How To Create A Sidebar Widget is video training that will show you step by step how to create your own image for your sidebar widget. You can create sidebar widgets that can be used to promote your own products or affiliate products. Top WP Plugins For Business is a product that I created with Connie Ragen Green that introduces the top 20 WordPress plugins for your online business. `12 Days Of Online Marketing teaches you the tools, tactics and resources that are required for a successful online marketing business in just 12 days. Measure Your Web Analytics provides an introduction to Google Analytics, gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Google Analytics account as well as step-by-step instructions on how to run the various reports.

Leave The Corporate World Behind will equip you with the tools and knowledge that you need to get started online whether you have a technical background or not. Leave The Corporate World Behind can help you to start realizing your dreams of controlling your own destiny and developing a successful online business. Even if you have to start part-time, I can help you because I know how to juggle a demanding corporate career and an online business.

Podcast #11: Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast – PowerPoint Graphics

PowerPoint GraphicsIf you have a business that does anything online, you know that graphics are very important. You need graphics for your blog posts, your banner ads, social media ads, buttons, quotes and so much more. Using a graphic designer to create all of these graphics can be costly. Also, if you need something quickly or the same day, you may be out of luck. Some people use Fiverr. Sometimes you have great results from Fiverr and sometimes you don’t. It can be hit or miss. There are also programs out there that you can use such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp and Pixlr. I have had some pretty good results with Gimp and Pixlr because there are much simpler than Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. There are also graphic programs out there that make great eBook covers but they have an annual fee. I recently discovered thanks to Ellen Finkelstein that you can use PowerPoint graphics.

The good thing about PowerPoint is that most people already have it as part of their Microsoft Office Suite. It is also a lot easier than a lot of the graphics programs out there. In this episode of Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast, Ellen Finkelstein gives a tutorial on PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics. During the podcast, she teaches us how to create bursts, buttons and 3D book covers. Before you start listening to the podcast, please download the study guide so you can follow along.

PowerPoint Graphics

Ellen also has an entire course that teaches you all about creating graphics with PowerPoint.The course contains 4 modules: Buttons, Images, Website Graphics and eBook Covers. There are several bonuses and templates included as well. She has a special offer just for my group. You can get the course for $100 off through Sunday, December 6, 2015. Just use the coupon code adrienne100.

You can now take control of your graphics creation using PowerPoint.

My Tribute To Geoff Hoff

Geoff Hoff and Adrienne DupreeMy good friend, Geoff Hoff, passed away this week. This was not expected and it has taken me a few days to really process that he is gone. Our relationship started as acquaintances with online marketing businesses. It quickly changed into so much more. Geoff was my tech person and my accountability partner. However, the best part is that we become really good friends.

Mirage BuffetSince we live on opposite sides of the United States, I only got to see him a few times a year during conferences. Going to these conferences in the future will not be the same without him. No more eating at the Mirage buffet, Marilyn’s or sushi in Las Vegas. No more eating at The Stackstone Grille in Atlanta. No more finding new great restaurants with ocean views in Manhattan Beach, CA. No more just hanging out talking about everything and anything and just laughing.

VictorioOne thing that I will always remember with a smile were our trips to Trader Joe’s in Geoff’s beloved Fiat, Victorio. How we would fit four adults and groceries into that car was a feat in itself. I am sure we probably looked like one of the clown cars when we would all pile out with groceries in tow.




Maggie The CatI will miss hearing the many stories about “Maggie The Cat”. Geoff loved Maggie and Maggie loved Geoff. When we would talk on the phone, Maggie would come and jump in his lap. This was amusing to me because it was as if she wanted his attention like a small child would do. Maggie would also follow Geoff around the house. I would often joke with Geoff that Maggie acted more like a dog than a cat.

Geoff always had a smile on his face and would do anything for anyone,. He was a very loyal friend and I don’t think he had a mean bone in his body. He was the type of person that everyone gravitated to and everyone liked. He was a very positive person who never complained,.

Geoff and I talked every weekday at 6 PM. When I didn’t hear from him, I become very concerned. I knew in my heart something was wrong. Geoff was very consistent and when he said he would do something he would do it. I had no idea that last Friday would be the last time that I would talk to him. I will miss our daily calls as well as seeing his smiling face at events.

I was blessed to have such a loyal friend be a part of my life. Those type of friends are few and far between. I know that as time goes on it will to easier to remember the good times. I pray that you will or have experienced the type of friendship that I had with Geoff. Rest in Peace my dear friend Geoff. I love you and will truly miss you.

Podcast #8: Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast – Amazon FBA Q4 Questions Answered

Amazon FBA Q4 Questions Answered

If you sell physical products on Amazon, then this is the most important time of the year. It is Q4 or 4th Quarter which is from October 1 through December 31st. I started selling on Amazon during the middle of 4th quarter in 2014. This was both a blessing and a curse. I would say that it was a curse because I was a newbie and I made some mistakes. Also, I started in the middle of 4th quarter so I did not get a chance to take full advantage of the buying frenzy,. It was also a blessing because I had a lot of success which motivated me to continue.

In this episode of Leave The Corporate Behind Podcast, Amazon FBA Q4 Questions Answered, I answer your questions that you have about selling on Amazon during 4th quarter. We covered many topics including:

  • How to find profitable items
  • What are the best products to sell during Q4
  • How to package my items to send to Amazon
  • How do I determine if I am restricted from selling an item
  • What categories can I sell in as a brand new seller
  • How to protect your account from suspension
  • What do I do when the price is printed on the box
  • What emails from Amazon I must read

If this is your first 4th quarter or you are a seasoned seller, I am sure that there is information in this podcast that will benefit you.

There are many resources available to teach you about Amazon FBA. If you want to learn more about it, then you can watch these 3 free videos. If you are ready to get started, then I suggest that you start with Jessica Larrew’s Amazon Boot Camp. This is the training that I started with. It is step-by-step training that will get you started quickly. If you are interested in other Amazon FBA resources that I recommend then click here.

If you have other questions that were not answered in the podcast, please leave a comment and I will answer your question.

From Full-Time Employee To Full-Time Entrepreneur

Full-Time EntrepreneurTransitioning from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur can happen several ways – you retire from your job, you plan it and resign or you are laid off. The first two ways are the preferred ways; however, sometimes you are thrown into full-time entrepreneurship. That is what happened to me on October 8, 2015. I received notice from my boss at approximately 3 PM. I had just finished a very challenging program that lasted for almost 14 months. There were a lot of long hours and even more stress. When the project ended on September 30th, I left the next day to attend Connie Ragen Green’s Incubator Live event. I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off of me.

I was much more focused than previous events and was enjoying the company of my fellow online marketers. I did a presentation on Google Analytics that was well received. I was thinking about all of the things that I wanted to do when I returned home. I returned home on Monday, October 5th and went back to work on Tuesday, October 6th. There were many things that needed to be done to close out the program so that is what I started doing. I had no idea what would happen in just two short days.

My first reaction was panic. I was not financially ready to take this leap yet. I wanted to have 4th quarter to prepare. I was going to go hard with Amazon in Q4 and had already started researching potential products and accumulating inventory. In fact, I went shopping on Tuesday. I had a lot of other emotions as well such as sadness, anger and embarrassment. In my almost 30 years of working, I had never been laid off. I was only given 2 weeks of severance so I had to brush myself off and figure out what would be my next course of action.

Some things you need to think about if this ever happens to you is insurance and unnecessary expenses. You need to decide if you are going to continue your health, dental and vison insurance using COBRA or look into some of the new health plans that are available through the Affordable Care Act. COBRA is very expensive but you won’t have any changes in what you are used to. In my case I have a Health Care Reimbursement account which allowed me to save pre-tax money for expenses that were not covered by insurance. You need to find out if you will still have access to that money or not. If you have life insurance, short term or long term disability, or long-term care insurance through your employer, you need to either replace it or see if you can pay for it yourself.

Take a good look at your budget and determine which expenses you can cut. Do you really need 200+ cable channels? Are you paying for services monthly that you do not use? It is very easy to sign up for a monthly service that automatically comes out of your bank account or PayPal account. Look at all of these automatic payments and cancel the ones you are not using. You can always sign up later. Be very mindful of the new courses and training you buy. Do you really need it and are you really going to use it?

Lastly, figure out how you can make money right away. Online marketing is an excellent way to replace your income but think of the ways that will generate cash immediately. Can you provide a service? This may not be your ultimate goal, but it can provide cash right away. The other thing that I recommend is selling products on Amazon. You receive a deposit into your bank account every two weeks with Amazon. Look for things that are brand new that you have never used. Scan your books to see if any of them are profitable. You can even start with the Dollar Store. Listen to the podcast that I did with Donna Cali. She started her Amazon business with $2.87.

The main thing is to establish a routine. You had a routine when you had a full-time job, so treat your business like a job. Determine what you need to get done every week and schedule the items for each day. The one thing that I am still working on is trying to do too much in one day. I am so used to working 12+ hours a day that I can easily fall into that pattern. I also need to prioritize money making activities over busy work. I have just started this journey but I have a lot of people pulling for me. I know with hard work that I can make it.

If you would like to learn more about selling physical products on Amazon, check out these 3 free videos. Remember with a game plan, you can successfully transition from a full-time employee to a full-time entrepreneur. I welcome your comments.

Periscope Tools – What Tools Do You Use For Your Scopes?

Guess what I’m bringing to light! It should be an easy guess. It is Periscope tools. This is something many members of the Leave The Corporate World Behind community questioned me about lately. The fact that people asked me about it helped me decide that it’s a safe bet and that it will be as appreciated as I’d hope.

As you know, Periscope is the latest craze. In order to produce more professional scopes, there are some tools that you can use. One of the tools that is recommended as is stated in Chris Record’s periscope is a tripod for your smart phone or iPad.

Periscope Tools – Phone Mini Tripod

Periscope Tools Phone Mini TripodOne of the products that was discussed in the video was a flexible tripod that could be used for shooting scopes with your phone. Chris demonstrates the phone mini tripod in his scope. The flexible legs make it very easy to work with this tripod.


Periscope Tools – iPad Mini Tripod

Periscope Tools - iPad Mini TripodI like to use my iPad instead of my phone to create videos. I like the idea of having a flexible mini tripod so I did some research on Amazon and found the following product. It is basically the same as the mini tripod for your phone but it can hold your iPad.


If there are Periscope tools that you use, please share by leaving a comment below.

If you are curious as to how I was able to include Chris Record’s periscope as part of my blog, then you should check out WP Scope. WP Scope is a WordPress plugin that allows you to curate Periscope videos on your blog. You can also share them to Twitter and Facebook. Check back often as I will be including other online marketing related scopes.

Three Ways To Monetize Periscope

Monetize PeriscopeAs a platform, Periscope doesn’t offer any built-in monetization methods. However, just because they don’t offer it, it doesn’t mean you can’t make money with Periscope. Here are three simple ways you can monetize your Periscope broadcasts so you can earn money from your videos: affiliate marketing, courses and classes.

Monetize Periscope – Affiliate Marketing

Periscope only allows you one clickable link, and that’s in your profile. If you want to earn money from affiliate marketing on Periscope, you’ll need to make sure you direct your viewers to that link every time you broadcast, and make sure that when they get there, they are ready to buy!

Start by writing a post or article about the item you are promoting, and post it on your website. Then, do a “scope”, or Periscope broadcast, reviewing or discussing the item you want to promote. Direct your viewers to go to your site via the link in your profile, and be sure to save the video so you can post it to your website after the initial broadcast.

If you use the WordPress plugin WP Scope, you can easily curate your video on your blog as well as share to Facebook. Scopes are only available for 24 hours unless you save your scope to YouTube or use a plugin like WP Scope.

Monetize Periscope – Course

If you plan on making a video course, do it using Periscope. Film each lesson publicly, answering questions in the comments from your viewers. Save each video, add in text to explain each lesson, and package the entire lot up to make a course. You can then sell this course on platforms like JVZoo or your own website and make money from content you’ve already created.

Monetize Periscope – Class

If you set your Periscope to the Private setting, you get to choose exactly who you allow to watch the broadcasts. You can offer a class or lessons on the Periscope platform and collect the money beforehand via PayPal or your chosen payment platform. Your students must follow you on Periscope, but you can also save the videos and give them to your students at the end of the course.

These are just a few ways you can monetize this fun platform. Try it for yourself and see what methods work best for monetizing your own Periscope account. If you are new to Periscope and need more general information about Periscope then Periscope Marketing Authority Social Informer is a great resource.

Don’t Give Up – It’s Never Too Late

Motivation – You Are Never Too Old To Play

Now that I am over 50 years old, I sometimes think about the fact that my life is more than half over and there are still things I want to accomplish. It is very easy to think that it is too late. Recently, I have been exposed to two stories that give me the inspiration, motivation and hope to keep moving forward.

After one of the Washington Mystics game, we had a question and answer session with individuals from the movie, Coming Back To The Hoop. This is a documentary that tells the story of Jane Pittman who quit basketball in high school. 43 years later, she discovered the Nova United Senior Women’s Basketball League and started playing basketball again. This league in Northern Virginia is for women 50 years and older. I also had the opportunity to see the movie last week. After the movie, there was a question and answer period and several of the players were in the audience. The oldest member that plays basketball is 79 years old. Many of these women did not play basketball in high school or college and started playing in their 50s and 60s.

As many of you know, I am an avid women’s basketball fan but I have never played basketball. I am seriously considering joining the intramural league where I can actually learn how to play basketball. This movie gave me the motivation to start my weight loss journey and to get in shape. Watch the trailer and leave a comment on your thoughts.

Motivation – You Are Never Too Old To Start

Another inspiring story is about Ernestine Shepherd who is the world’s oldest female bodybuilder. She is 77 years old and her story is amazing. Prevention Magazine created a documentary short that is very inspirational.

After you watch both of these amazing videos, you can’t help but be inspired. You may be wondering how this relates to business. As an online marketer, you may run into many obstacles and become discouraged. How can you not continue after you watch these two videos? Hopefully these stories will give you the motivation to keep going. Don’t give up. It’s never too late. Please leave a comment below and let me know what thing you had given up on that you will now pursue.

What is Periscope?

PeriscopeUnless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have heard of Periscope. All of a sudden, there are all of these people sharing their Periscope videos. So what is Periscope? Periscope is the live streaming app that was developed by Twitter in early 2015. It’s a unique platform that allows users to share their lives in real time, wherever they are, with anyone who wants to watch.

Unlike many other streaming platforms, Periscope is simple to use and completely free. Users simply download the Periscope app from the appstore of their choice, iTunes or Android, then sign up and sign in. If you already have a Twitter account, your followers who are also using the app will be imported to your Periscope app. If you don’t want to log in with your Twitter handle, you can use your phone number instead.

The app notifies you when one of your followers, or someone you choose to follow, is broadcasting live, and you can tune in. If you don’t know someone on Periscope, you can still watch selected live and pre-recorded videos. During live streaming, you can “like” a video by clicking on it, and a little colored heart will appear on the screen.

You can also comment on the videos, making it an interactive experience. Once the live broadcast ends, Periscope keeps the videos up for 24 hours so your followers can watch them if they missed the live version. They can even leave feedback, and you can simply save the videos to your mobile device and then upload them to your website or other social media platforms as you like.

Because Periscope is still a relatively new platform, there aren’t as many people on it as there are on Twitter, but that’s likely to change. As more people strive to share their interests, skills and lives with the rest of the world, it will likely grow to meet their needs.

The beauty of Periscope lies in its ease of use. You simply turn on the camera when you want to broadcast your activities, then turn it off when you’re done, and you have the ability to reach not only your followers, but curious users who stumble upon your broadcasts, too, since anyone can watch any public broadcast that is aired.

If a broadcast gets too busy, meaning too many people join in to watch and comment, the comments feature will only be made available to the early arrivers, and later viewers will not be allowed to comment.

If you want to restrict the people who can view your broadcasts, you can adjust the privacy level, hiding the location of the broadcast and restricting the viewers to your followers by selecting each one individually. This is perfect for hosting video courses or small group coaching sessions, since you can view the comments and reply in the live broadcast immediately.

Video is more mobile and interactive than ever before thanks to Periscope. Its uses are really only limited by your imagination, and the terms and conditions of the app itself. Expect to see this app being used in lots of very different and creative ways in the next few years.

If you want to learn more about Periscope, you can learn more from the course Periscope Your Biz: Live Video Broadcasting Profits. This course includes 29 lectures and 1 hour of video.

If you are on Periscope, leave a comment with your Periscope user id so we can follow you.

Fulfillment By Amazon – 6 Ways To Source Products

Fulfillment By AmazonFulfillment by Amazon – 6 Ways To Source Products

Selling physical products on Amazon is very popular right now. In fact, I added this as an income stream in November 2014.  There are many ways to source products for your Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA business. Six ways to source products for your Amazon FBA business are:

  • Retail Arbitrage
  • Online Arbitrage
  • Wholesaling
  • Trade Shows
  • Liquidation
  • Private Label

Fulfillment by Amazon – Retail Arbitrage

With retail arbitrage, you go to the stores, find bargains and sell items for a profit on Amazon. I believe this is the first way you need to get started and this is how I started. To find out more about Retail Arbitrage, you can read my blog post FBA Retail Arbitrage – A Weekend Adventure. If you want even more detailed information, then check out Arbitrage: The authoritative guide on how it works, why it works, and how it can work for you by Chris Green. If you are a “newbie” then I recommend Jessica Larrew’s ABC Bootcamp.  This course will show you step-by-step how to set up your Amazon Seller Central Account to buying products and shipping them to Amazon to sell.

Fulfillment by Amazon – Online Arbitrage

Online arbitrage is similar to retail arbitrage except you buy the products online instead of visiting stores. This is very attractive for people who don’t like to go shopping or have limited time. I have started to do this more and more since my time is limited right now.  There are many tools that you can use to determine if a product will be profitable on Amazon. There is an excellent book by Chris Green called Online Arbitrage: Sourcing Secrets for Buying Products Online to Resell for BIG PROFITS. The ABCs of Online Sourcing is a great course that teaches you how to find profitable products online.

Fulfillment by Amazon – Wholesaling

Once you are comfortable with retail and online arbitrage, you should start with wholesale. With wholesale, you are buying in bulk. You typically have to open an account and submit documents proving you are a business. Wholesale companies do not sell to individuals.  For most of the accounts that I have opened, I had to give them a copy of my Sales and Reuse license. The good thing about wholesaling is you don’t have to worry about running out of a product. Several times, I found a great product at the store, bought all that was in stock and then can’t find it anymore. The whole reason I started looking at wholesaling was because I was looking for a product that I found in the store that is no longer available.  This is one of the things that I am concentrating on – finding good wholesalers. Proven Wholesale Sourcing is a step-by-step course that teaches you how to wholesale for your Amazon FBA business.

Fulfillment by Amazon – Trade Shows

Did you know that there are hundreds of trade shows every year? They are held all over the United States and even overseas. These tradeshows are not for individuals but if you are a business, you are more than welcome.  Many of them are free to attend as well. You get a chance to talk to company representatives as well as actually see the products. A lot of times there are show specials so you can buy products at a reduced price.  I am going to my first trade show this month.  I am going to the Philadelphia Gift Show. It would be impossible to attend all of the trade shows, but I will let you in on a little secret. You don’t have to.  You can sign up and still get access to the vendors. That is what I did with the ASD Trade Show that will be held in Vegas. I am using a technique call Trade Show No Show. You can actually get great trade show products without leaving your home.

Fulfillment by Amazon – Liquidation

Buying liquidation products is not for the faint at heart. You either go to liquidation stores or buy liquidation items online.  Liquidation items are usually overstocked items, returns, etc. You are typically buying large quantities. In fact, sometimes you are buying a whole pallet. This is definitely not something for beginners; however, at some point, this can be added to your business. Liquidation Gold is a course by Jessica Larrew that is a good resource if this is something you want to get into.

Fulfillment by Amazon – Private Label

Private label can be the most lucrative but there is a lot of risk associated with it. With private label, you find a manufacturer that will create a product for you that is your own brand. Many people source for their products in China because it is more affordable. If you are going to import from China, Proven China Sourcing will help you avoid the pitfalls. You do not have source in China.  There are manufacturers in the United States that will create a private label product for you. You must create a logo, label and packaging for your product. Since the product has not been sold on Amazon before, you must ensure that your listing is optimized. If you need help with creating optimized listings, then you should attend Karon Thackston’s AZ Product Description Bootcamp. Jim Cockrum’s Proven Private Label teaches you how to succeed at selling your own private label products.

As you can see there are many places to source products for a profitable Fulfillment by Amazon business. You need to determine the best one for you. You should start with one or two, and add additional sources as you become more experienced. I use retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, wholesaling, trade shows and private label for my Fulfillment by Amazon business. What sources are you currently using and what ones would you like to add in the future?

3 Most Common Mistakes Sellers Make With Their Amazon Listings

Amazon Listings MistakesGuest Post by Karon Thackston

Karon Thackston is a professional copywriter who also helps people who sell physical products on Amazon how to create traffic getting listings. In this post, she describes the three most common mistakes that sellers make with their Amazon listings.

You only have to write so many product listings before you start to see a pattern. That’s how it has been at Marketing Words over the last few years. I thought it would be helpful to outline some of the most common mistakes we’ve seen when it comes to writing your listing and using keywords.

Amazon Listings Mistake #1: Not Using Keywords Correctly

Amazon isn’t like Google. With Google, there is a certain amount of repetition of keywords and phrases. On Amazon, however, you do not need to repeat keywords throughout your listing. Because they don’t understand this, many sellers are ruining the way their copy sounds as they try to rank higher on Amazon. Use the keyword once and Amazon’s got it.

That includes your Search Terms fields. If the keyword is in the title, brand, manufacturer and UPC, you do not need to include it in your search terms. It is a waste of space that could be used for additional, traffic-driving keywords.

Amazon Listings Mistake 1

Last, we see countless folks inserting key PHRASES into the search terms fields instead of keywords. Amazon doesn’t work with phrases. They use literal keywords. Putting something like:

natural dog treats
100% wholesome dog treats
beef dog treats
dog treats made in the usa
nutritious dog treats

… leaves lots of wasted room that could accommodate other keywords. Because we don’t need to repeat keywords and we do need to use individual keywords (not whole phrases), this should be reworked to this:

natural dog treats 100% wholesome beef made in the
usa nutritious

That’s 50 characters in the first field and 14 in the second. With five fields at 50 characters each (a total of 250 characters) that leaves you with 186 characters. If we remove any keywords that are included in our product name (aka, title) we’ll have even more room. Here comes more traffic!

Amazon Listings Mistake #2: Not Differentiating Your Products From The Competition

Think about your own shopping experience on Amazon. You show up on the site to search for olive oil and vinegar sets. I just did a search for that term and here’s what came up…

Amazon Listings Mistake 2

When I was scrolling down the page, it didn’t take me long to figure out that they all appear pretty much the same. What if they gave some additional information or used words that were more enticing?

Here are some examples of how just a minor tweak can make a big difference. As a shopper, I would be more likely to click these search results:

Amazon Listings Mistake italian-collectionhome-essentials

The simple words “ribbed,” “Italian collection” and “lead free” made my eyes perk up. I wanted to know more.

Amazon Listings Mistake #3: Not Answering The Question “So What?”

With so many duplicate products on Amazon (especially when dealing with private labeling), you simply must fall back on a long-standing rule of copywriting: Answer the question “So what?”

When customers scroll down a page of search results looking at your title, or they click to your product page to learn more, you have to set yourself apart from all the other options. Maybe this means having more positive reviews. Perhaps it is the lowest (or highest) price. But, more often than not, that task depends on the bullets and product description.

If you are an Amazon seller and you want to avoid these mistakes as well as many others, then you should seriously consider purchasing Karon Thackston’s AMZ Product Description Boot Camp. AMZ Product Description Boot Camp is essential if you have ever gone to list a product and it does not exist in Amazon or you are selling your own private label product. In both of these cases, you are starting with no rank and you need to learn how to create a listing that will generate traffic.