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Hello! I am Adrienne Dupree. I am an author, an entrepreneur and a Program Manager for a government contractor. Specifically, I am an online and affiliate marketer.

My book, Leave The Corporate World Behind, chronicles the stories of online marketers who have left corporate America and now have a full-time online marketing business. It also includes part-time online marketers who still work in corporate America. I am also a contributing author to What Is Your Why? and Positioning Yourself as an Expert: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Become Credible Authorities.

Welcome to the Online Newbie. My mission is to teach people in corporate America who want to get out of the rat race how to start an online internet marketing business. The goal of this online marketing business is to replace their income. It will also allow them to control their own destiny and stop trading time for dollars.

The Online Newbie has developed various products that can assist you in developing a successful business. How To Create An Amazon Store is step-by-step video training will show how to create your own Amazon aStore that is fully integrated into your WordPress site. How To Create A Sidebar Widget is video training that will show you step by step how to create your own image for your sidebar widget. You can create sidebar widgets that can be used to promote your own products or affiliate products. Top WP Plugins For Business is a product that I created with Connie Ragen Green that introduces the top 20 WordPress plugins for your online business. `12 Days Of Online Marketing teaches you the tools, tactics and resources that are required for a successful online marketing business in just 12 days. Measure Your Web Analytics provides an introduction to Google Analytics, gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Google Analytics account as well as step-by-step instructions on how to run the various reports.

The Online Newbie will equip you with the tools and knowledge that you need to get started online whether you have a technical background or not. The Online Newbie can help you to start realizing your dreams of controlling your own destiny and developing a successful online business. Even if you have to start part-time, I can help you because I know how to juggle a demanding corporate career and an online business.

Amazon FBA – A Solution If You Are Struggling In Your Online Business

Amazon FBADo you feel like you are struggling in your online business? You are making some money but not enough to pay all of your bills, live comfortably or replace your income. In order to be successful in online marketing, you have to be consistent and have multiple ways for people to buy from you. You need multiple products or affiliate offers. If you have a full-time job, this can be challenging depending on the type of job you have. For me, there are times when I have time to work on my business in the evenings and weekends. Then there are times where I am working 10-12 hours during the week and also working on the weekends. Unfortunately, the latter is more of my norm right now.

You find yourself in a “Catch-22″ position You are developing your online business to replace your income so you can leave your job. Your job is taking up all of your time so you cannot work on your business. This is very frustrating and can cause you to become very discouraged, overwhelmed and want to give up. You have to keep your eyes on the prize and remember “your why”. Why did you want to have an online marketing business in the first place?

One thing that I started in mid-November was Fulfillment By Amazon (Amazon FBA). I started in the middle of 4th quarter which is the most profitable time to sell on Amazon. I started with Retail Arbitrage where I would go to stores and find products that I would sell for a profit. I focused on toys and did very well. Now that the holiday has ended, I have diversified into other categories.

I have made some mistakes along the way, but I did not give up. I have started buying more things online. Buying online required a little different criteria than picking up inventory in a store. You have to ensure that you have enough profit just in case the price drops or rank increases before you can ship to Amazon.

I would strongly encourage you to add this stream of income to your online business especially if your business is currently part-time. For me, this has been a way to jump start my online income. Amazon is something that is familiar to the masses. Millions of people buy merchandise from Amazon. Amazon is the biggest e commerce site so your target market is massive.

One of the courses that I recommend to learn all about Amazon FBA is Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum. This course covers all aspects of Amazon FBA including retail arbitrage, wholesaling, sourcing online, as well as sourcing from China. Proven Amazon Course will also cover private label before the end of March 2015. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of Proven Amazon Course while it is on sale and before the price increases.

Podcast #7: Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast – Donna Cali: Starting Your FBA Business With $2.87

I discovered Donna Cali in one of my Facebook groups. Once I read her story, I knew that I wanted to interview her for my podcast series. I contacted her and asked her if she would be willing to share her story. I was so excited when she said yes.

Donna Cali was raised a GI Brat who was born in Ohio. She graduated from high school in Syracuse, New York. Donna attended college off and on but never earned her degree, although she does think she has earned a PhD from the “school of hard knocks”.  As a single mom, she raised 3 daughters. All of her daughters earned college degrees and have successful careers as a Lawyer, Teacher, and Athletic Trainer. Donna’s professional accomplishments have included being a corporate trainer, consultant, franchise executive and entrepreneur.  In February 2012, she escaped an abusive marriage with the clothes on her back.  She spent time on the run homeless and unemployed.  In August of 2012, Donna discovered Amazon FBA and set out to start a new business. This was the beginning of turning her entire life around.

If you think you can’t start a business because you don’t have money or a home, think again. Donna Cali had no job, no home, no income and no bank account, but she had faith and determination. She had $2.87 that should used to buy two used books from Goodwill for $2.00.  She sold those two books for $20.00 to a book dealer and she was on her way. Her goal was to gather 100 items to start her Amazon FBA business. She continued finding items to sell to book dealers and eBay. She completed her goal in October and made her first sale on Amazon on October 4th. She bought that item for 25 cents and sold it on Amazon on $15.00.

Donna now has 3,100 items in her FBA inventory. She is no longer homeless and her FBA business is supporting her. To learn more about how Donna started her successful business on a shoestring, listen to the podcast.

If you would like to learn more about how you can start a FBA business check out the following resources.

Podcast #6: Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast – The Genius Hour

Genius HourWhen you interview 35 entrepreneurs you will learn some amazing things. Everyone has their own perspective and can offer outstanding advice. This is exactly what happened with The Genius Hour. Connie Ragen Green held a live event in October 2014 called Weekend Marketer Live. One of the main aspects of the event was to learn about affiliate marketing.  Instead of just learning in theory about affiliate marketing, there was a real life case study.

Every who attended the event was interviewed. These interviews showcase the unique perspectives on genius, entrepreneurship, and purpose from a hand-picked group of savvy entrepreneurs. Everyone was asked a handful of questions that included the following:

  • Do you believe everyone has a genius inside of them?
  • What is your genius?
  • What advice would you have for someone starting out?

And from that, The Genius Hour was born. The Genius Hour includes all of the interviews. Everyone who was a part of the interviews then was presented with the opportunity to sell the product as an affiliate. What a great way to learn hands-on affiliate marketing.

This podcast includes my interview what was conducted by Leslie Cardinal. This is a sneak peak of what you are in store for when you purchase The Genius Hour.

Selling Private Label Physical Products on Amazon

private label physical productsMost online marketers are familiar with making money with Amazon by publishing Kindle books through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), publishing physical books through Create Space and becoming an Amazon affiliate through the Amazon Associates program. These are all great programs but you probably won’t be able to quit your job with these programs.

A lot of people are also starting to use the Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA program. In this case, you find products either online or at stores that you can sell for a profit. You ship them to Amazon and they are sold just like any another product on Amazon. Amazon collects the money and ships the items to the customer. Amazon handles the customer service as well. This business model is more lucrative than the ones mentioned previously.

There is another of aspect of FBA which is not as popular but is gaining popularity and visibility. You sell your own private label physical products on Amazon. You actually contact manufacturers and produce a product with your own brand. This will allow you to create a truly sustainable business that can support your family. Adding your own private label gives your product more value.

You may not have been aware that you can compete with the “big boys”. You can create your own brand with your own label. There are many benefits to developing your own brand. I will just name a few. It is cheaper to buy unbranded products than ones that are part of an existing brand. You don’t have to invest in a manufacturing plan, machines or personnel.

The good thing about manufacturing your own private label products is you can order in small quantities. I am in the final stages of manufacturing my first private label product and I was able to order only 160 units. This gives me a chance to test this product and make any tweaks.

If you would like to learn more about manufacturing and selling your own private label physical products on Amazon then you can get access to a free report, Proven Private Label Report. This free report gives you 9 concise ideas to build your online business with physical private label products. Get the free Proven Private Label Report so you can learn how to profit from this lucrative business model.

Why Keyword Research is Important

Keyword ResearchWhen starting an online business, keyword research is very important. Keywords are what people type into the search bar when they are looking for a website that offers the product they want to buy or the information they are searching for. Knowing the keywords your customers are using and optimizing them on your website will put you miles ahead of your competition.

When educating yourself about what a good keyword is, you will find that a good keyword is one that does not show results in the millions. You need to use keywords that are more specifically targeted to your information. Doing this will rank you higher on the search engine results page, also.

Ranking high on the search engine results page will result in getting more people to click through to your website and more business for you. This is an extremely competitive world and anything you can do to get an advantage over your competition is beneficial.

Sometimes these keywords are not easy to find, although it is very exciting when you do find them because now you have something not everyone else knows about. Keywords that are more specifically targeted to what you are selling are called long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are keywords that are more than one or two words and even as long as a complete sentence usually describing exactly what the customer is looking for.

Imagine the traffic and sales figures you can achieve if you are on top of the search engine results page and have the keywords that describe exactly what the customer wants. You could be making money, hand over fist, in a very short time with the right keywords. A good keyword research tool can make all the difference in the world. There are many to choose from. The Keyword Suggest Bloodhound tool is a great tool to use for keyword research. This tool finds keywords using results from Google, Amazon, Bing, Ask.com and Ebay. Once Keyword Suggest Bloodhound finds the keywords, you can download them into a file that can be imported in Microsoft Excel.

Once you understand how to properly use keywords the quicker you can start ranking high on a search engine results page, increase traffic to your website and start making money. Check out Keyword Suggest Bloodhound to help you find profitable keywords quickly.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Stretch Yourself ChallengeWhen I think about, are you up for the challenge, I experience a range of emotions. I feel excited and motivated but I also feel apprehensive, scared and intimidated. I think this is normal because at this point you really don’t know what the challenge is. What do you feel when someone asks you if you are up for the challenge but you don’t know what the challenge is?

In order to grow in our online marketing business, we have to take on challenges. If we continue to do the same things day in and day out, we stop growing. Also, those things may stop working. If you don’t take on the challenge to grow your list every day, you will not continue to grow your income. You need so-called “fresh blood” to expose to your wonderful ideas and products.

If you are really stretching yourself, challenges can be scary. They can take you way out of your comfort zone. If you are an introvert presenting in front of large group of people can be scary. If you have never created an information product before, actually marketing that product can be very scary. What it no one buys or what if people buy and then refund?

A lot of times the things that hold us back in our business have nothing to do with ability and skill. It has to do with mindset. We play all types of negative scenarios in our head which stops us from moving forward. What is the worse outcome that could happen if we step up to the challenge. It won’t be catastrophic.

The best way to move your business to the next level is to think about all of the things that you would like to do but are hesitant or afraid to do. Write them down and prioritize them based on which ones you believe would move your business forward the most. Start with that challenge first and complete a new one every month. In six months or maybe even in a couple of months, you will be surprised how much things have changed.

Sometimes in order to really step up to a challenge you need some help. You need someone to cheer you on, keep you accountable and even work with you. This is not a signal of failure. Everyone needs help. Also, working in a group creates competition. Everyone is striving to complete their challenge because they won’t to be the one to have to say they quit.

Would you like to join a group that will be completing a Stretch Yourself Challenge? During the challenge, you will bust through obstacles that are holding you back and keeping you from success. During the Stretch Yourself Challenge you will do the following:

  • Create and/or re-purpose content
  • Engage your market via social media
  • Step up to embrace your place as a thought leader in your community

Join the Stretch Yourself Challenge now to:

  • #1. Be Encouraged & Motivated!
  • #2. Clarify & Sharpen Your Online Presence
  • #3. Expand Your Reach & Amplify Your Message
  • #4. Reap The Rewards!

Are you up for the challenge?

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dropbox

DropboxI am sure you are familiar with DropBox. DropBox is a multi-platform application that lets you store files in the cloud for free. You can always access your files as long as you have an internet connection. You can store and share photos, documents and even videos.

What you probably didn’t know is that there are 10 ways that you can use Dropbox that really increases your productivity. As an online marketer that still has a full-time job, I am always looking for ways to be more productive to include being as efficient as possible.

#1 – Give Access To Your Dropbox

If you have people working for you, then they have to send you files. For example, your Virtual Assistant has edited a PLR report and now she needs to send the edited copy back to you. Instead of sending it in email, you can set up a unique link in Dropbox so you can securely receive those files from your Virtual Assistant.

#2 – Form Creation

If you want to embed a form on your website, there are various ways to do that. One way is to use an application that lets you create the form in Dropbox, embed the form on your site and send the completed information from the form to your Dropbox account. You can build custom forms and even surveys.

#3 – Connect All Your Cloud Services

Do you use multiple cloud services? I know I do. I use Google Docs, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect all of your cloud services together and access them from one account? Well, there is a Dropbox application that lets you do just that.

#4 – Email Attachments

Have you ever wanted to store all of your email attachments in one place? Some people will store the email attachments on their computer but then you only have access to them if you are on that computer. A better alternative is to send your email attachments to Dropbox.

#5 – Email Integration

When you are in your email program, there are typically no ways to access your Dropbox account simultaneously. There is a Dropbox application that is an extension to your browser that allows you to integrate your email with Dropbox. You can send your email attachments to Dropbox with the click of your mouse.

#6 – Text File Collaboration

Sometimes you have the need to collaborate with someone real time. What if you could edit a text file and someone else can view the file as well? When you make changes to the file, the person on the other end hits refresh and sees the updated file. That is way more efficient than sending the file back and forth through email.

#7 – Listen To Music From Dropbox

What if you want to listen to music and you don’t have access to your iPod or MP3 player? You can listen to MP3 files right from your Dropbox account. You could also use this method to store messages that you want to share with your clients.

#8 – Dropbox Automation

When you share your files with others, you normally want to save them in a format that is not easily edited. The most popular format for this is PDF. Instead of saving your file as a PDF before you send it to someone, there is a Dropbox application that will automatically convert your file to a different format when you upload it to Dropbox.You can send a Word document to Dropbox that is automatically converted to PDF.

#9 – Web Snipper

Have you ever been surfing the web and come across some good information that you would like to save for later? What it you could use a Dropbox application to clip the information and save it right to Dropbox? I know this is something that would be very helpful for me because I am always saving all of these bookmarks and then forget why I saved the bookmark. Now instead of a bookmark, I can view the pertinent information right from Dropbox.

#10 – Workspace Collaboration

In these days of telecommuting there are many times when you must find tools to collaborate with your colleagues virtually. There is a Dropbox application that facilitates this as well.

As you can see there are many Dropbox applications that can definitely increase your productivity. If you wold like to learn more about these applications and how to use them, then you want to check out How To Maximize Dropbox and Save Hours Every Day. This product includes 11 videos that will walk you step-by-step through the 10 free ways to put your Dropbox account on steroids. Learn how to be more productive right away by learning how to use these 10 free Dropbox applications.

4 Reasons You Should Become A Published Author

Published AuthorI am sure you have been told on more than one occasion that you should write your own book. Everyone who has their own business should have a book. You may be thinking that you don’t have the expertise or the experience to do this, but you are wrong. There are so many reasons why you should publish your own book. Even though I believe in Kindle books, I believe that you really need to publish a physical book. The main four reasons for becoming a published author are to gain credibility, increase your visibility, you will be invited to speak and you can tell your own story.

Reason #1 – Gain Credibility

It is something about a physical book that instantly propels you to a different level. When you are a published author, you gain instant credibility. Authors are revered and people instantly believe you are an expert on the subject matter that you have published.

Reason #2 – Increased Visibility

When you are an author, your visibility increases as well. More people are exposed to you because of your book. Because people are talking about you as an author, more people discover that you exist. Many people go to Amazon and search for topics that they are interested in. You can be discovered this way if your book shows up in their search results. You can hold a book signing in your local community which increases your visibility.

Reason #3 – Speaking Engagements

Once you are an author, speaking engagements will start to appear. As I stated earlier, people think of you as an expert when you are an author. They want you to speak to their audiences about your expertise. The funny thing is you were an expert before you wrote the book, but writing a book changes things.

Reason #4 – Tell Your Own Story

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. By writing a book, you can tell your own story. Everyone has something that they are passionate about. The best way to get your passion out to the masses is to write a book.

As you can see, there are many reasons to write a book and now there are ways to do this without having to spend a lot of money. It is very easy to publish a physical book. Gone are the days when you have to order a boatload of books and store them in your garage. There are print-on-demand options such as Amazon’s CreateSpace.

CreateSpace Re-Released is step-by-step training that teaches you everything you need to get your physical book published on Amazon. This product includes a Quick Start Guide and 8 videos. The 8 videos cover the following topics:

  • New Account Setup
  • Adding a New Book to Your Account
  • Interior Book Setup
  • Book Cover Setup
  • Book Review
  • Distribution & Pricing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Wrap-Up

If you are serious about becoming a published author, get the training you need so you can fulfill your dream.

Biggest Obstacles To Leaving The Corporate World Behind

Leaving The Corporate WorldYou’ve made the decision to leave corporate America behind and venture out on your own to pursue entrepreneurship. It’s exciting but scary at the same time. You’re looking forward to building a business around your strengths and doing something you’re passionate about. But on the other hand, you’re concerned about a few obstacles of leaving the corporate world behind. Let’s take a look at these obstacles and how you can overcome them.

Obstacle #1 – Reliable Paycheck

This is the scariest and biggest obstacle when it comes to leaving the corporate world behind. At least with your job you know that every Friday (or whenever/however often) someone will deposit a paycheck in your bank account and you will probably know the exact amount that paycheck is going to be.

This is definitely an obstacle and a good concern to have. One of the “easier” ways to overcome this obstacle is to not actually leave your corporate job until you have a more established, secure online business. This means you’ll have to start and run your online business on the side – working it on the weekends and in the evenings after you get home from work.

It may mean that you’re going to have to sacrifice some family time but in the long run it will be worth it. After you’ve started to bring in a steady income with your business, then you can feel more comfortable leaving your corporate job. I can tell you from experience that this is a viable solution. The first thing you can do to free up time is reduce the amount of television that you watch. I have given up a lot of the shows that I use to watch. The few that I really do want to see are recorded. I then watch them and skip through the commercials. You would be surprised how long an hour show really is. You don’t have to become “missing in action” with your friends and family, but you will have to sacrifice some events.

Obstacle #2 – Debt

Another obstacle to leaving the corporate world behind is debt. And when I say debt, I’m not referring to a house payment or rent. I’m talking about consumer debt – credit cards, car payments, etc.

This can definitely be an obstacle when it comes to leaving corporate America behind. If you owe a large amount of debt that you were paying down, it’s scary to think about leaving the reliability of a steady paycheck behind. Again, just like in #1 above, you can overcome this obstacle by deciding to not leave your job behind until you have more of your debt paid off. If that’s not an option, try consolidating it into one payment so you only have one payment instead of several payments. Develop a budget and stick to it. Start with the credit card with the lowest balance and make a concerted effort to pay it off. Once you pay it off, add that money to the bill for the credit card with the next lowest balance. You will be so proud of yourself when you pay off your debt.

You should also keep in mind that you could potentially pay off debt quicker once you build a profitable online business because the potential to earn a very good income is possible. It’s just a matter of building your business around a model that works for you and your market.

Obstacle #3 – Doubt From Those Around You

Don’t be surprised if people around you look at you like you’ve grown a few extra heads when you tell them you’ve made the decision to leave the corporate world behind to start your own online business. It’s a normal reaction especially because so many people don’t understand the internet and building a business around it.

This can also definitely be an obstacle but one of the best ways to overcome it is to arm those around you with knowledge. You don’t have to give them a detailed business plan, but make it simple for them. Basically just ensure them that you have researched this, you’ve given it a lot of thought and have a solid business plan in place.

While these aren’t the only obstacles when it comes to leaving the corporate world, they’re a few of the biggest ones. Now that you have armed yourself with this knowledge on how to overcome them, it’s time to get busy building that online business of your dreams.

For encouragement and inspiration, read Leave The Corporate World Behind. Leave the Corporate World Behind chronicles the journeys of online marketers who have left corporate America and now have a full-time online marketing business or are in still in corporate America but have a part-time online marketing business. You will learn what you must do to get started as well as the things to avoid. This book features the stories of people who have actually left the corporate world behind.

Why Someone Would Decide To Leave Corporate America

Leave Corporate AmericaMaking the decision to leave corporate America isn’t an easy one, especially if it’s a job that pays well, has benefits and more. But people do it and they do it for a number of different reasons – their company downsizes and they are ‘forced’ to leave, a loved one becomes terminally ill, going on maternity leave and deciding they don’t want to go back, or they have just had enough.

Talk to these corporate America workers and you’ll find that most of them feel like they’re underpaid and overworked. And again, most of them are extremely unhappy in their jobs. They talk about how not only are they not living the lifestyle they want, but they don’t have enough time with family and friends and that they want to do something they have passion about which they don’t get to do in the corporate world.

This unhappiness and the desire to have more flexibility to live the lifestyle they want, leads to entrepreneurship and building an online business. So today we’re going to talk about leaving corporate America to pursue entrepreneurship.

As mentioned above, it can be hard leaving corporate America if the job pays well. But most people have come to realize, and this is especially true as people get older and begin to realize just how short life really is, that money isn’t everything. And while money isn’t everything, keep in mind that entrepreneurship and starting your own online business actually gives you the opportunity to earn more than what you can working at a job because you get to set your own prices, give yourself raises, etc.

Another reason that people leave corporate America to start their own business is because they want the freedom and flexibility that having an online business can provide. Not only does it give you freedom and flexibility to spend more time with family and friends, but it also has the potential (depending on how hard you work at it to make it financially successful) to provide financial freedom to live a certain lifestyle – traveling, owning a vacation home, buying a house, etc. (whatever the lifestyle you wish).

As you can see, there are definite benefits to leaving corporate America behind and venturing out on your own. Yes it can be risky, to leave the comfort of a corporate job that offers steady pay and reliability and jump into entrepreneurship. But many people choose to do it and build an online business. And not only do they build that business, but they are successful at it. It can be done! You just have to weigh the options and decide whether leaving corporate America and starting your own online business is right for you, your family and your family’s needs. Only you can make that decision.

There are many ways to make money online but you want to learn from a reputable source. 500 Bucks A Month teaches you 7 powerful ways to easily earn $500 a month online. If $500 sounds too scary then you can start with 5 Bucks A Day. In conclusion, whatever your reason is for wanting to leave corporate America, I want you to know that it is possible.