10 PLR Tips – 10 Things To Do with PLR

PLR TipsPLR or “private label rights” content is a great cost-effective time saver for online businesses. It’s ready made content that you can publish, edit and monetize…just about any way that you’d like. There are so many ways to incorporate PLR into your business and we’ve come up with 10 PLR tips.

Just note, you should always check the terms of service for the PLR you purchase to ensure you can do all these activities.

PLR Tips #1 – Blog

 Add it to your blog or website. PLR articles are simple to use. Just post them to your website, add product promotions and any modifications that you’d like.

PLR Tips #2 – Membership Site

 Post it in your membership site. If you’ve got a membership site or are thinking of starting one, PLR is an easy way to fill it up with great content.

 PLR Tips #3 – Autoresponder

 Load up your autoresponder. You can choose a more automated method of email marketing by adding a bunch of PLR content as prescheduled messages in your autoresponder.

 PLR Tips #4 – Email

 Promote your mailing list by giving some quality PLR away as a gift. You can use PLR reports or bundle up articles to create something valuable that your target market is interested in.

 PLR Tips #5 – eCourse

 Make an eCourse. Take a series of related articles and make an email course with 5-7 email.  eCourses are a great way to attract new subscribers to your list.

 PLR Tips #6 – Product Promotion

 Promote products by adding a link to a relevant offer. If you want to promote specific products, find PLR that complements those products and use the content to warm up your prospects into buying.

 PLR Tips # 7 – Blog Posts

 Break up eBooks and reports into blog posts or articles. Always make the most of your PLR purchases. Most ebooks and reports can be divided into a very informative articles series.

 PLR Tips #8 – Bonus

 Make PLR into a downloadable bonus offer for your info product. Adding value to your info products can increase your sales, allow you to command a higher price and improve customer satisfaction.

 PLR Tips #9 – Information Product

 Use the content to create an information product. Gather up some of the best PLR articles, reports and other content to create a valuable information product that you can sell.

 PLR Tips #10 – Audio or Podcast

 Create an audio recording or podcast. Not sure what to talk about in your next podcast? Grab some PLR and a lot of the work is done for you.

PLR is a very versatile tool for your business and can be used in many ways. As you can see, you can actually use the same PLR over and over again for different purposes, so always use your purchases to the fullest.

There are many places to get PLR such as Easy PLRList Magnets and Coach Glue. If you want a lot of PLR for a reasonable place, check out the Quick Content Volume 2  PLR package. This package contains 320,000 words of PLR content.

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