Podcast #11: Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast – PowerPoint Graphics

PowerPoint GraphicsIf you have a business that does anything online, you know that graphics are very important. You need graphics for your blog posts, your banner ads, social media ads, buttons, quotes and so much more. Using a graphic designer to create all of these graphics can be costly. Also, if you need something quickly or the same day, you may be out of luck. Some people use Fiverr. Sometimes you have great results from Fiverr and sometimes you don’t. It can be hit or miss. There are also programs out there that you can use such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp and Pixlr. I have had some pretty good results with Gimp and Pixlr because there are much simpler than Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. There are also graphic programs out there that make great eBook covers but they have an annual fee. I recently discovered thanks to Ellen Finkelstein that you can use PowerPoint graphics.

The good thing about PowerPoint is that most people already have it as part of their Microsoft Office Suite. It is also a lot easier than a lot of the graphics programs out there. In this episode of Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast, Ellen Finkelstein gives a tutorial on PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics. During the podcast, she teaches us how to create bursts, buttons and 3D book covers. Before you start listening to the podcast, please download the study guide so you can follow along.

PowerPoint Graphics

Ellen also has an entire course that teaches you all about creating graphics with PowerPoint.The course contains 4 modules: Buttons, Images, Website Graphics and eBook Covers. There are several bonuses and templates included as well. She has a special offer just for my group. You can get the course for $100 off through Sunday, December 6, 2015. Just use the coupon code adrienne100.

You can now take control of your graphics creation using PowerPoint.

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