Podcast #2: Ask The Online Newbie Podcast – Paul Taubman

Paul TaubmanPaul Taubman was a contributor to Leave The Corporate World Behind. Leave The Corporate World Behind tells the stories of people who were in the corporate world and now have full-time online businesses or are still in the corporate world and have a part-time online business. Paul is currently still working in the corporate world but also has a successful online business. His exit plan is in place and in a short time, he will leave the corporate world behind. In this interview Paul talks about his exodus from corporate America and gives advice on how you can do this as well.

Paul B. Taubman, II has his roots deep in the world of technology. Working as a Solutions Architect at Fortune 500 companies for the past 25 years, Paul gets systems to talk each other and share data.

While maintaining a successful technical career, Paul is also an expert trainer. Traveling across the county, Paul trained countless folks how to work on intricate computer systems. He was a Master Trainer teaching Instructors across the country how to teach courses. As a highly respected College Adjunct, Paul teaches technical Computer Programming courses.

With all this training experience, Paul has learned how to teach all this “technical stuff” to non-techies! He is a master instructor at taking the obscure and complex and explaining it in a simple, fun, and educational way. Within the past 8 years, Paul has turned his attention to teaching website development to folks looking to take control of their website.

Knowing intimately how to do this, Paul now teaches people how to work full time while creating successful websites.

Your stress levels will melt away after working with Paul as you take control of your website and turn it into a profit machine. Visit I Need Help With WordPress for more information.


Podcast #2: Ask The Online Newbie Podcast – Paul Taubman — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Adrienne,
    Congratulations on snagging Paul for this interview. You are right when you say “stress levels will melt away after working with Paul!” I have been able to get just a couple of tips from him that were HUGE stress reducers because they solved my problems. (After I had spent hours on them.)

    Congrats too on the book. You are an inspiration.

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