3 Online Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Online Marketing Mistakes3 Online Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Many online marketers run into the exact same problem over and over again. They all have awesome products and content to offer their customers, but they get stuck and stagnate. I don’t want this same thing to happen to you so please avoid these three online marketing mistakes.

Online Marketing Mistake #1: Not Marketing Consistently

The first online marketing mistake that is made by online marketers is to not market consistently. It never fails. Most new bloggers, affiliate marketers and product sellers get excited when they start out, so they tell everyone they can about their project.

But then, they don’t get the results they were hoping for and just give up or they get some good results, but fail to keep it up. This same thing has happened to me. You get discouraged and start thinking that marketing is not working.

The thing is, marketing is an ongoing process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. It just has to be part of your overall business plan. Each daily plan needs to include at least one marketing item, so you develop a habit and stay consistent with your growth.

Online Marketing Mistake #2: Being Wishy Washy

You are probably thinking that you are a blogger, writer or product creator not a marketer. The last thing you want to be thought of is a used car salesman. I don’t blame you if you feel that way. I have felt the same exact way.

Marketing is not the same as a high-pressure sale. If you do it right, marketing blends in with your content creation process. It becomes a part of everything you do. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your work and recommending it to others and that’s exactly what a smart marketing plan does.

Online Marketing Mistake #3: Trying to Reinvent the Wheel

The world of online marketing can certainly be difficult to navigate, but what you need to succeed is right in front of you. See what is working for others and figure out how you can apply that to your own business. I am not advocating copying someone but you need to make sure you are not trying to reinvent the wheel.

This is always easier said than done. How do you know what’s really working and how can you apply the strategies without copying someone else? One way is to follow people who have figured it out and have been successful for a long time.

Ron Douglas and Alice Seba have been at this for a very long time. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they’re always willing to share freely.  They are the perfect example of marketers who don’t sound like a used car salesman, but certainly aren’t wishy-washy. They engage their audiences by educating them and making them feel like they need their solutions.

DFY TemplatesDFY Templates

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Click here to get instant access to your first marketing template package and let me know what you think. There is no sense reinventing the wheel. Also, this product can help you avoid the 3 most common online marketing mistakes.


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  1. Adrienne, thanks so much for recommending PLR to me. I was struggling with getting my course created and you recommended a product that was just what I needed. It had a template where I could just “plug-in” my information.

    It helped me organize my information into usable modules and check sheets. Thanks for sending me tips that I can use to grow my business and possible save my sanity!

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