Podcast #3: The Online Newbie Podcast – Jeanette Cates

Jeanette CatesJeanette Cates was a contributor to Leave The Corporate World Behind. Leave The Corporate World Behind tells the stories of people who were in the corporate world and now have full-time online businesses or are still in the corporate world and have a part-time online business. Jeanette left the corporate world multiple times and is now a full-time online marketer.  Jeanette was a pioneer in the online marketing world as well as the corporate world.

Jeanette was one of the first people I found online and I have been honored to actually meet her in person a few times. Her story is so fascinating. In this podcast, Jeanette gives great advice to people in the corporate world who have decided that they want to start an online business. A “aha moment” for me was when Jeanette said that everyone these days needs to think like an entrepreneur. Even if you have no intention of starting your own business, things are changing. Dr. Cates also gives advice on what are the minimum things you need to do to get started online.

Dr. Jeanette Cates is a familiar name to many in the online marketing community. Prior to building her thriving online business, she was a pioneer in the online learning industry. Along the way she has created and sold a bookkeeping and tax service, been the computer coordinator at a community college, taught college courses, pioneered a traveling computer training lab, and had a lot of other adventures. Jeanette enjoys her changing lifestyle and has found it fits well with her family’s changing needs. You can find  out more about Dr. Jeanette Cates at JeanetteCates.com or TechTamers.com.



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