5 Ways To Use Private Label Rights (PLR) On An Affiliate Niche Site

Affiliate Niche SiteIf you are building an affiliate niche site, then you must fill your site with content. Gone are the days where you could just create a one-page site with minimal content and links to a lot of products. You must build a real site that contains some content. This content can be original or you can use Private Label Rights or PLR. Here are 5 ways you can use PLR to build out your affiliate niche site.

PLR Use #1 – Blog posts

Adding blog posts to your affiliate niche site is a great way to add content to your site. These blog posts can be related to your niche site. Instead of creating all of this content yourself, you can buy PLR articles related to your niche. I recommend that you add your own twist to these. You can also add links to affiliate products in the post.

PLR Use #2 – Videos

Videos attract a lot of traffic to your site. You can also post your videos on Facebook and YouTube to drive traffic back to your site. You can create your own videos or buy Private Label Rights videos. It is possible to buy videos that are about your niche topic or even videos that are product reviews of items you are promoting on your site. I was able to find some Halloween costume videos that were perfect for my Halloween niche sites. Also, it is very easy to create your own videos using PowerPoint.

PLR Use #3 – Free reports

Including free reports on your affiliate niche site is also a great way to attract people to your site. You can either have them directly on your site or you can have them behind an opt-in form. I prefer to use an opt-in form because not only are you building your list but you have another opportunity to contact your prospects in the future. If you do not have a list, once they visit your site and leave, you have no way to entice them back.

PLR Use #4 – Product reviews

Adding product reviews to your affiliate niche site is very helpful to your potential customers. They can learn about the features and benefits of the products to determine if this is something they want to buy. I also recommend doing a comparison of similar products as well.

PLR Use #5 – Product in a box

Sometimes you can buy a PLR product that contains everything you need to set up an affiliate niche site. It contains the products, an opt-in box, a free report and reviews. All you have to do is buy a domain name, get your hosting and install the product.

As you can see, PLR can be very helpful in providing content for you PLR site. If you are interested PLR that can be used for your sites, then check out my PLR Resources. If you would like to learn how to build your own affiliate niche sites as well as learn a quick way to create content for your site then you should check out the Affiliate Niche Site course

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