Podcast #6: Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast – The Genius Hour

Genius HourWhen you interview 35 entrepreneurs you will learn some amazing things. Everyone has their own perspective and can offer outstanding advice. This is exactly what happened with The Genius Hour. Connie Ragen Green held a live event in October 2014 called Weekend Marketer Live. One of the main aspects of the event was to learn about affiliate marketing.  Instead of just learning in theory about affiliate marketing, there was a real life case study.

Every who attended the event was interviewed. These interviews showcase the unique perspectives on genius, entrepreneurship, and purpose from a hand-picked group of savvy entrepreneurs. Everyone was asked a handful of questions that included the following:

  • Do you believe everyone has a genius inside of them?
  • What is your genius?
  • What advice would you have for someone starting out?

And from that, The Genius Hour was born. The Genius Hour includes all of the interviews. Everyone who was a part of the interviews then was presented with the opportunity to sell the product as an affiliate. What a great way to learn hands-on affiliate marketing.

This podcast includes my interview what was conducted by Leslie Cardinal. This is a sneak peak of what you are in store for when you purchase The Genius Hour.

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