Podcast #7: Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast – Donna Cali: Starting Your FBA Business With $2.87

I discovered Donna Cali in one of my Facebook groups. Once I read her story, I knew that I wanted to interview her for my podcast series. I contacted her and asked her if she would be willing to share her story. I was so excited when she said yes.

Donna Cali was raised a GI Brat who was born in Ohio. She graduated from high school in Syracuse, New York. Donna attended college off and on but never earned her degree, although she does think she has earned a PhD from the “school of hard knocks”.  As a single mom, she raised 3 daughters. All of her daughters earned college degrees and have successful careers as a Lawyer, Teacher, and Athletic Trainer. Donna’s professional accomplishments have included being a corporate trainer, consultant, franchise executive and entrepreneur.  In February 2012, she escaped an abusive marriage with the clothes on her back.  She spent time on the run homeless and unemployed.  In August of 2012, Donna discovered Amazon FBA and set out to start a new business. This was the beginning of turning her entire life around.

If you think you can’t start a business because you don’t have money or a home, think again. Donna Cali had no job, no home, no income and no bank account, but she had faith and determination. She had $2.87 that should used to buy two used books from Goodwill for $2.00.  She sold those two books for $20.00 to a book dealer and she was on her way. Her goal was to gather 100 items to start her Amazon FBA business. She continued finding items to sell to book dealers and eBay. She completed her goal in October and made her first sale on Amazon on October 4th. She bought that item for 25 cents and sold it on Amazon on $15.00.

Donna now has 3,100 items in her FBA inventory. She is no longer homeless and her FBA business is supporting her. To learn more about how Donna started her successful business on a shoestring, listen to the podcast.

If you would like to learn more about how you can start a FBA business check out the following resources.


Podcast #7: Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast – Donna Cali: Starting Your FBA Business With $2.87 — 7 Comments

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  2. Thanks so much for finding Donna and sharing her story, Adrienne! I am definitely going to pass this podcast on to others who are interested in starting a business but are very concerned about not having money to invest.

  3. Such a moving testimony of Donna’s start on FBA with almost next to nothing to get started. Loved her story of “said item” she bought as I have a friend that started a non profit providing such items to 3rd world countries and ran into some government issues and I believe has plenty of stock left over. Setting up the non profit became very expensive.

    Perhaps they can sell it on Amazon and donate the funds.

    Thanks for an inspiring podcast, Adrienne.
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