Alexa Site Listing – How To Edit Your Listing

Alexa measures traffic on your website.  Previously, I talked about “How I Increased My Alexa Ranking by More Than 5 Million in Less Than 1 Week”.  Read this article to get general information about Alexa and why your Alexa ranking it is important.  One thing that you will want to do is to edit your Alexa site listing.  This will allow you to update your site’s contact information, title and description.  Below are step-by-step instructions on how to edit your site’s listing.

The first thing to do is go to

Enter your URL and select “Edit Your Listing”

Edit Alexa Site Listing

You will be taken to the following page

Alexa Plans And Pricing

Select “Sign Up” under the Free plan

Enter your website’s URL and select Continue

Alexa Web Site Name

You will now have to claim your site

Claim Your Alexa Site Listing

I chose Option 1 which is to upload a file to your site.

  1. Select Download the file to your computer
  2. Save the file where you can retrieve it. The file will be a HTML file.

Now you need to upload the file to your website.

Login to the cpanel of your hosting account. I use Bluehost so these instructions show you how it is done in BlueHost.

Under files select File Manager

Select the document root for the website you are registering. Select the “Go” button.

File Manager Directory Selection

You should be at the following directory public_html/<your domain>

File Manager

Select Upload from the menu.

Browse to find the file to upload that you saved on your computer.

Once the file is uploaded, you will see a bar on the bottom right hand side with the filename , the number of bytes and the word complete.  Click the bar to close.

Now go back to your Alexa window and “Verify the file on site”

If the verification was successful, you will see the following:

Alexa Site Listing Claimed

At the bottom right hand side of the screen, select the “Continue” button.

Now you can put in your site information.

Alexa Public Site Information

After you input your information, Select “Save and Continue”.

If everything was successful, you will see the following page:


Leave a comment when you claim your Alexa site listing or if you have any questions on how to claim your Alexa site listing.


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    • Jennifer, I don’t recommend that you put your Alexa ranking on your site. I am monitoring my score but don’t want to necessarily publicize it unless it is really good (under 5000).

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