The Amazing Amazon Genie: FBA Review

The Amazing Amazon Genie: FBADo you like to shop? Can you ship a box? Are you good at finding bargains? If so, then this may be just the thing for you. Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA gives you the opportunity to sell other people’s products or your own products on Amazon.  That’s right; everything that is sold on Amazon is not their own merchandise. Ordinary people just like you and me can sell on Amazon.

There are two ways to sell other people’s products on Amazon. You can you participate in the merchant fulfilled or Fulfillment by Amazon program.  With merchant fulfilled, you put your listings on Amazon, but you actually are responsible for shipping the products to the buyer.  This is the easiest way to get started as far as the investment required.  You can even find things in your house that you can sell such as books, DVDs, etc.  You can also use FBA to sell other people’s products.  You go to the store find bargains, ship them to Amazon and let Amazon sell them. The great thing about this is that you can take advantage of the Amazon Prime program.  Amazon Prime is a membership where buyers can get 2 day shipping for free.

The last way to sell on Amazon is to find a private label manufacturer and sell your own product.  You create a brand, create your unique label and have the manufacturer ship directly to Amazon. I was unaware that this was even possible until about a month ago.  I am currently in the process of getting a product manufactured right now.

The opportunities that are possible with FBA are endless.  There are people that are making over 100K a month from their private label product.  There are many advantages to this approach but there is more of an investment required than selling other people’s products.  You have to find a product that will sell, find a manufacturer, create a brand and create your own labels. If you are a little nervous about private labeling, then you should pick the option where you find bargains.

There are so many courses that are available that range in price from about $100 all the way up to $4000. The good news is that a new product was just released that removes the barrier to entry. Dennis Becker’s The Amazing Amazon Genie: FBA teaches you how to sell on Amazon using merchant fulfilled, retail arbitrage or private label. This 139 page guide includes the steps to get started as well as all of the resources you need to be successful.

The Amazing Amazon Genie: FBA shows you were you can find bargain products, things you need to ship your products, how to pack your items for Amazon, how to list your items as well as how to price your items. 

This product also comes with 3 checklists:

  • Retail Arbitrage 30 Day Checklist
  • Private Label 30 Day Checklist
  • How To Get Started With a $0 Budget Checklist

I am so excited about the number of people that this product can help. If you want some extra income you can use this product.  If you want to make a full-time income you can use this product.  If you have teens that need a summer job, why not set up a company and let them work for you this summer. The opportunities are endless. Check out The Amazing Amazon Genie: FBA right away.


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  1. Hi, You said you are in the “process of getting a product manufactured right now.” Can you give an idea of the costs and how long that process is taking you?

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