Amazon Affiliate – How To Create a Site in Less Than a Minute

Amazon Affiliate – How To Create a Site in Less Than a Minute

Amazon AffiliateAffiliate marketing is one of the first ways that I recommend that entrepreneurs start with in an online marketing business. With affiliate marketing, you are recommending products to your clients. These should be things that you love and use yourself or from people that you trust. When you become an affiliate for someone, you get a link that is unique to you that you can use to promote their product. When people buy through your link, you receive a commission. With digital products, you typically receive 50% commission. Commission for physical products is typically lower.

The barrier to entry for affiliate marketing is low; however, you will need to drive traffic to your offers. If you have your own engaged and active email list, then it is easier to get people to buy. If you do not have your own list, you can target people on social media using targeted ads. If you are promoting products that people are already familiar with then you also have an advantage.

The other advantage would be to promote products on a platform that people are already familiar with and trust. Amazon is one of those platforms. Many people buy products every day from Amazon. People trust Amazon. Did you know that you can capitalize on the Amazon platform by becoming an Amazon affiliate?

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is pretty easy. People already know and trust Amazon and feel comfortable buying on their platform. You just need to find popular products that you can promote. There are many ways you can use your Amazon affiliate account such as creating links in your blog posts, installing widgets on your blog or creating an entire Amazon aStore on your site. You can also create a niche site and add Amazon affiliate products to it. You can manually add the products to the site, but that will take some time and you would need some technical skills to accomplish this.

The good news is that there is a WordPress plugin that makes it super easy to create an Amazon affiliate niche site. InstaSite Wizard is an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that allows you to create Amazon Affiliate Sites in less than 1 minute. There are only 5 steps to get started:

  1. Find a product on Amazon that you want to promote
  2. Find the Amazon unique identifier (ASIN)
  3. Paste the ASIN into the InstaSite Wizard plugin
  4. Click the Lookup Product button
  5. Choose the Image You’d Like to Use

The InstaSite Wizard is so easy. Watch the demo video to see how easy it is for yourself.

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