Amazon aStore – How to Create One on Your WordPress Site

Amazon aStoreDid you know that you can create an Amazon Store right on your WordPress site that looks like you are right on Amazon? An Amazon aStore allows Amazon Associates to configure an entire online Amazon store. You can provide a complete shopping experience that contains selected product groups or the entire product range offered by Amazon. The good thing is that it can be seamlessly integrated into your WordPress website with a single line of code.


Amazon aStore Creation Myths

You are probably thinking that it is very difficult to create an integrated Amazon aStore. That is not the case.  Once your store is created, you paste one line of HTML code on your WordPress site. You don’t need to be a professional Web Designer to create an Amazon aStore. There are step-by step directions you can follow. Creating an Amazon aStore does not take that long to create.  You can create your entire store in less than 2 or 3 hours. Creating a good looking Amazon aStore does not take lots of money. You will using the resources you already have, your WordPress website and your Amazon Associates account.

Amazon aStore Benefits

There are many benefits to the Amazon aStore. You can create another stream of income on your site that is well trusted.  People know and trust Amazon; therefore, they are comfortable buying from Amazon. You can structure your store so that it includes supplemental products related to your site.  For example, if your site is about dog training, then you can include all types of products related to dogs.  Lastly, even though you can structure your store to be niche specific, people can still search the entire Amazon site.  If they also buy unrelated products during their visit from your site, you will earn a commission on those products as well.

Amazon aStore Training

If you would like to reduce your learning curve, you can purchase video training, How to Create an Amazon aStore. You can watch videos where step by step instructions are provided. Not only do you get step-by-step training, but you also get a full transcript of the training, individual videos to reinforce specific steps and a free teleseminar where I will answer your questions. How To Create an Amazon aStore is comprehensive training that will have your store up and running in less than 3 hours.


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    • Morwenna, This is really easy. You create a new page on your WordPress site and then copy one line of code onto that new page. All of the configuration of the store is menu driven and takes place in your Amazon Associates account.

  1. These are excellent ideas to share products with our readers. And it’s a win-win because you can also make additional income with these tips! And, it doesn’t look hard to do! Thanks for sharing –

    (ps- you missed my posting that was on UBC above yours…. hope to see your comments, and if you like, share with any friends who could benefit- Thanks!)
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    • Lianda:

      You are exactly right. Not only can you offer niche specific products on your stie, but you get paid when they buy additional items as well.
      P.S. I left a comment on your blog.

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