Are You Stuck On The Content “Hamster Wheel” – Product Creation Tips

Product Creation Hamster WheelWhen you first get started in online marketing, the first thing you are told to do is to find a relevant domain name and create a blog.  You start to create blog posts and you are so excited that you have content on your site.  You branch out from blog posts to posting articles on the article directories.  You may even start creating videos and audios. I do not disagree with this advice at all.  This is how I started as well. However, then you start to realize that you are not really making any money. So what is the problem? You may be stuck on the content “hamster wheel”. All you are doing is creating a lot of content but you are not monetizing it so you are not making any money. The solution is product creation. The people who make the most money in online marketing are the people who have their own products. So your next question is probably what I should create as my first information product. For you first product I recommend, that you create a report, audio or video.

Product Creation – Reports

For reports you need to do the following:  

  1. Research your niche
  2. Come up with some questions to ask
  3. Answer the questions yourself or find an “expert” on the subject to interview
  4.  Capture the answers to the questions
  5. Publish the report

Product Creation – Audio

For an audio product, you can follow the same steps as you do for a report; however, you will record the questions and answers instead of putting them in a written report.  There are several software programs that you can use to record your product.  Audacity is a free program that you can use to record audio. A bonus that you can add to your audio product is the transcription of your audio.

Product Creation – Video

If you decide to create a video product as your first product, I would suggest that you create a “how to” video.  You can pick something that people always ask you to teach them how to do.  You can also search for “how to” in Google. If you know how to do something on your computer that people always ask you to do then you can create a video. You would record your screen as you are demonstrating how to complete the task. You can use CamStudio or Jing to record your screen.

As you can see, you can easily create your first product. Jason Fladlien has a saying for product creation “1 product, 1 solution, 1 sitting”. He believes that you should be able to create a product in less than 2 hours. Product eClass is his training that teaches how to create a product with 1 solution in 1 sitting. Go watch the training now.


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  1. Help. I want to get off the wheel. This sounds so complicated. I’m glad I’m not young any more. I’d rather not deal with all the complications of marketing a product. But you’re youthful enough to strive for what you want.
    Francene Stanley recently posted…August 17thMy Profile

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