Using Article Marketing As A List Building Strategy

Article MarketingArticle marketing is a great list building strategy. One of my favorite strategies for list building is article marketing. The basic idea is to write a short article, include a resource box with a link to your blog and opt-in page and then submit it to some of the popular article directories.

You’ll get some traffic directly from those sites, but the real purpose behind this strategy is to allow other webmasters and bloggers to find your article and publish it on their sites. Whenever that happens, you’ll see a nice increase in traffic to your blog and a boost in subscribers.

What Should I Write About?

That’s a question I hear quite a bit. You want to write articles that are closely related to your blog. You also want to be very specific in each article. Think about some of the problems and issues your readers are facing. Those are the types of topics you want to write about. As your site becomes more popular, this will get easier because your readers will tell you what they want to learn more about. For now, think back to some of the questions you had when you were just starting out or even questions you have now.

Another option is to visit popular forums and look for questions that are asked. You can also browse some of the article directories and look for what other people have written about in the category that best relates to your blog. You can also look in Yahoo Answers.

Once you have your topic, write a helpful article of about 400 to 500 words. Answer the question you started out with or simply share 5 to 7 tips on a topic.

Don’t forget to spend some time on your author resource box. This is where you’ll lead readers from your article page back to your blog. I like to include two links. The first goes directly to the home page of my blog, the second to my opt-in page to get readers on my list.

Where Should I Submit My Articles?

Now that you’ve written your article, it’s time to submit it to some of the popular article directories. Below you’ll find a short list of directories I like to use. This is by no means a complete list. As you get more comfortable with article marketing, you’ll find other directories, but this is a good starting point.



How Many Should I Write?

If you’re just starting out, a good goal may be to write and submit one article per week. That’s enough to get a small trickle of traffic to your site. Of course more is always better; however, you must ensure that the quality of your articles doesn’t suffer. If you can manage three articles per week, that would be spectacular. If you’re really ambitious you may even write one per day. You may want to join an article challenge to keep you motivated. I don’t recommend aiming for more than one a day or you will get burned out.

Article marketing is all about consistent effort. Find a number you’re comfortable with and then make sure you’re getting those articles written and submitted consistently.

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Using Article Marketing As A List Building Strategy — 7 Comments

  1. It’s been a couple of months since you started this challenge. I’m dying to know how you did with the goal of writing one article a day!

  2. Thank you Adrienne, for these useful tips for article marketing. I have found that many of the article directories are not accepting articles that that I have posted on another article directory – so it appears that we have to write unique content each time. Goarticles appears to be one of the few that will take your article even if it has been posted elsewhere.

    I watched a webinar recently where I learned a tip about creating article titles that will be found more easily – he recommended this formula – “keywords – benefits – keywords”

    Noted too, your tip about including two links in the resource box – I have always only put one – but seems a good idea to link to two different pages on your site?

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