Ask The Online Newbie Teleseminar Debuts

Ask The Online Newbie Episode 1     

Today was the first episode of “Ask The Online Newbie” teleseminar.  This is a new series that will be held on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at 11:00 AM EST. Episode 1 was about tools that you can use in your online marketing business. 8 tools were presented that covered areas such as Twitter, social curation, video, WordPress headers, legal disclosures and ClickBank. You can listen to the replay right on this page.  The replay is on the top left corner.  There is also a Study Guide that accompanied the telseminar.

Teleseminars are a great way to get your information out to your audience.  It is a way for you to interact with your audience as well as a way for them to hear your voice.  Sometimes people can connect with you more if they actually hear you as opposed to just reading your emails and blog posts. Teleseminars – 6 Easy Steps to Produce Teleseminars for Beginners shows you what you need to do to produce your own teleseminar.  It really is not that hard.

I set up my teleseminar using my computer, a phone and Instant Teleseminar.  You can get a 21 day trial of Instant Teleseminar for $1.00. You set up your date, time and description on the teleseminar page.  You can also include links on the teleseminar page.  I included a link to a one page PDF Study Guide.  I also included a link for 1 product that I talked about on the call and a link to the Article Marketing Challenge. Once the call started, I started the recording and started talking. When the call was over, I stopped recording and a mp3 file was available immediately.  Now when people go back to the teleseminar page, they can listen to the recording.  I also imported the recording into Camtasia to clean it up a bit, but this step is not necessary.

Once you listen to the teleseminar, please leave me a comment and let me know if the information was useful.  Also, if there are other topics that you would like covered, leave them in a comment. Let me know when you hold your first teleseminar as well.


Ask The Online Newbie Teleseminar Debuts — 6 Comments

  1. Just listened to your reply of yesterdays teleseminar.

    You did a great job. You sounded very calm. I don’t think I will be when I do my first teleseminar! You stuck to the topic and didn’t drift.

    Thanks for the study guide, too! I will be checking out the links.

    • Hi Carol, thank you for the compliment. Once I got started I was fine. One thing that kept me on point, is that I had a cheat sheet. I am glad that the study guide was helpful.

  2. Adrienne, great info.! Will definitely save the page and come back to re-read this blog. Thank you for the information.

    Dr. Samantha Joseph

    • Cheryl, I am glad that you are incorporating teleseminars in your business. Please let me know when you launch your first one.

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