Avatar – What It Is And How To Create One

AvatarHave you ever left a comment on a blog post and you see a mystery character show up?  You look at other comments and the picture of the person is displayed.  You wonder how you can get your picture to display as well.  You need to set up an avatar in order to display your picture. An avatar is a graphic that represents you.  It is an icon that is used online.  This picture is displayed when you leave comments on blog posts and forums.

In order to set up your avatar, you have to set up a Gravatar.  Once you go the Gravatar site, you need to enter you email and select the “Get Your Gravatar” button.

Avatar - GravatarMainPage

A screen will be displayed that informs you that a confirmation email has been sent.

Avatar - Gravatar Confirmation

Check your email for an email from gravatar.com.  In order to activate your account, you must click the activation link in the email.  You must enter you username and password to create your account.

Avatar - Gravatar User Setup

Once you create your account, you can now upload a picture.  You can add image by selecting the “Add one by clicking here!” link.

Avatar - Gravatar Manage

Now you need to find the picture that you want to use as your avatar.

Avatar - Gravatar Image

After you select the file, you will be given the opportunity to crop your image.

Avatar - Gravator Crop

You now have to choose a rating for your avatar.

Avatar - Gravatar Rating

If you follow these steps, you will have successfully created your avatar.

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