Blog Challenge – Why You Should Join a Blog Challenge Even If You Are a Newbie

Blog Challenge

Blog Challenge

Blog challenges are great way to jump start your business even if you are a newbie.  During a blog challenge, a group of bloggers form a group and challenge each other to write a specified number of blog posts over a specified time. This event is usually organized and run by a moderator. I will explain the mechanics of a blog challenge and the benefits associated with participating in a blog challenge.

Blog Challenge

The goal of a blog challenge is to write one blog post every day of the challenge.  The challenge typically lasts for a month. There may be a member’s area where you can register to join the blog challenge. These challenges are usually free to join. Each day of the challenge, when you post your new blog post, it is shared on the blog challenge site as well as on Social Media with a special hashtag. You read other member’s blog posts, comment on their blog and share their posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Even though it is tremendous commitment to join a blog challenge, the benefits are huge. There are many reasons why should join a blog challenge such as to create accountability, link building, creation of new relationships, exposure, more traffic, increased subscribers and clients, increased comments, development of partnerships, increased credibility and improved writing skills.


According to the definition of accountable is “responsible to someone or for some action; answerable”. If you declare publicly that you are going to complete a goal, there is more chance that you actually accomplish it. By signing up for a blog challenge, you feel accountable to the other members of the challenge.

Link Building

One of the tasks of the blog challenge is to comment on the other member’s blogs.  This can build backlinks to your blog.  You can also build internal links by linking your related blog posts together.

Relationship Building

Participating in a blog challenge gives you the opportunity to connect and interact with new people. You develop a community with the other bloggers.  These are people that can give you encouragement and advice. You can also help others as well. There may also be opportunities for guest blogging.


Since other people in the challenge are reading your blog posts, you will get increased exposure. You will also get more Social Media exposure because others in the blog challenge are sharing and tweeting your blog posts to their social media community. If these people are interested in your blog, they will start following you as well. These are people that may have never found you otherwise.


Since you will be getting Facebook shares and tweets, your blog will be getting more traffic.  Also, the generation of content daily will increase your SEO as well.

Subscribers and Clients

The increased traffic to your blog will increase your number of subscribers.  Make sure you have a really enticing give away so that people will join your list. This increased traffic may also lead to more clients as they get to know you through your blog.


The participants in the blog challenge will be commenting on your blog.  Blogs with a lot of comments and interaction start to create a community.  These comments can engage your visitors in a conversation.


By reading other people’s blogs you may develop new ideas.  There’s also the possibility of developing joint venture partners. You can build relationships with people in your niche. Masterminds may also be formed.


Usually, there are a few well known bloggers associated with a blog challenge. If these bloggers are sharing your information on social media and commenting on your blog, you will definitely increase your credibility.  If you are constantly adding new relevant content, you will gain credibility as well.


Participating in a blog challenge will improve your writing skills.  I am a technical person and I do not consider myself a writer. Since I have technical degrees, the number of English courses required was minimal. Blogging is something that I need to do to my move business forward. By writing every day, your writing will definitely improve.

As you can see, the benefits of participating in a blog challenge are incredible.  Your business can definitely be jumpstarted. Lastly, it is believed that it takes 30 days to create a habit.  If you participate in a 30 day blog challenge, you have now developed a habit of daily blogging. The Ultimate Blog Challenge is a 30 day blog challenge that starts on October 1, 2012.  I plan to participate, how about you?


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  1. I love your URL for your website. It is catchy & fun! 🙂 Stopping by via the Ultimate Blog Challenge. You have some excellent points. I think it is important for any new online marketer to participate.. getting your feet wet with a group of people who won’t judge you by your writing style or content can help boost your confidence in this new journey.

    Best of luck and I look forward to your other posts!
    April M. Smith recently posted…Facebook Marketing for BusinessMy Profile

    • April, I am glad you like my URL. I agree that this is an excellent way for a newbie to get started on their blogging journey.

    • Paul, I will share what I am tracking as a blog post later this week. I will be using Google Analytics as well as a few other tools to track my results.

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