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We all know content makes the web go round and a blog is a great platform for delivering content and growing traffic. But setting up a blog is only part of the battle. You still have to fill it with useful content on an ongoing basis. This article will teach you 3 blog content tips.

When you master these three things, you’ll be able to create a steady stream of content without working so hard.

Blog Content Tip #1-  Plan Your Content

If you take the approach that you’ll blog when you sit at your computer and decide to blog, you’ve probably found yourself staring at a blank screen more than once. Or you wandered off to Facebook or Instagram and hoped that inspiration would soon strike. And then what? A lot of wasted time.

A lot of people think that content planning is time consuming, but in reality it ensures that you create a cohesive content marketing plan that is more likely to make you money and saves you plenty of time in the process.

If you take the time to plan your content for the coming month, a couple of things happen:

  • You’ll be able to sit down and just create content when you’re ready or you can assign those topics to your guest contributors.
  • You can create a plan shaped around your product launches or affiliate products you want to promote. In short, you can more effectively make your content make money for you.

You should consider using a Blogging Calendar or Planner.

 Blog Content Tip #2 – Systemize Your Content Creation

Establishing routines for your content creation benefit you in many ways. Establishing routines doesn’t mean you’re going to spit out boring robotic content. It just means you can get a lot more done in a lot less time. You can determine what types of content you will include on your blog and where you can get ideas for your blog.

Blog Content Tip #3 –  Don’t Create All Your Content Yourself

A common approach to a blog is to center everything around the blog post owner. The logic is that all content is created by the owner because they are the expert and their readers expect no less from them.  This approach has appeal because you can create a great brand based on your personality and quickly build up a loyal following, but the long term drawbacks can certainly outweigh those benefits.

Some of those drawbacks are it is a lot of work for you, it is a lot of pressure on you personally to always deliver and you have no exit strategy. I am not suggesting that you should set up an impersonal business with a ton of content just flying out there to see what sticks. You can still benefit from being the central person in your business, but you also want to effectively leverage the work of others in delivering knowledge to your target market. Once you get help blogging, you have the ability to get more leads, more time for profit-generating activities and more variety for your readers.

Once you have a system in place, keeping your blog filled with useful and engaging content doesn’t have to be complicated. It begins with regular planning, establishing routines and getting help with your content. There are plenty of talented people out there. Leverage their skills for a win-win proposition for everyone.

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