Using Your Blog As a List Building Strategy

BlogOne of the easiest ways to grow your list is on your blog. The readers of your blog already know something about you and are more likely to trust you with their email address than perfect strangers. They have also shown an interest in your topic, simply by reading your blog. You should start your list building on your blog before you do anything else.

Opt-in Form on Every Page on Blog

Start by adding an opt-in form on every single page of your blog. The easiest way to do this is to add it to your navigation sidebar. You’ll get the best response if you add it to the top of that bar (in the upper right corner of each page).

Log into your autoresponder account and create a new web form. I use Aweber for my autoresponders. I recommend using a field to capture the first name of your subscriber and one for the email address. You may have to adjust the form so it’s narrow enough to fit into your sidebar. Include an attention grabbing headline that invites them to sign up for your free give-away or blog updates. Last but not least, grab the code for the opt-in form. Copy it into a text widget.

If you are using WordPress to manage your blog and Aweber to manage your list, you have two options here. You can either manually add your form via a widget text field, or you can use the Aweber WordPress plugin. Personally, I just copy the code into a text widget.

The plugin will walk you through the steps of including the widget, but the text widget option is very simple to use as well. Log into your WordPress admin area and go to the widget page. Drag a new text widget into your side bar, then just copy and paste the code for your opt-in page in the field and save.

Take a look at your blog and make sure your opt-in form is looking the way you’d like it to. Once it does, your readers will have the opportunity to join your list from any blog post or page on your site.

Encourage Readers to Sign Up For Your Content on Your Blog

Of course it doesn’t stop there. One of the things I do on a regular basis is to encourage my readers to join my list from within my blog posts. There are two different ways you can do this. The easiest way (and often the most effective) is to just ask your readers to sign up from the content of your post. Just work it in there naturally.

The second option is to add another opt-in form somewhere inside the post or toward the bottom. I recommend you only use this on occasion to avoid annoying regular readers. Just sprinkle it in here and there when appropriate.

Doing those two things will greatly increase the amount of subscribers you’ll get directly from your blog.

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