Bootstrap Marketing Product Review

Bootstrap MarketingA lot of people think that in order to make money on the internet you have to spend a lot of money. Dennis Becker’s Bootstrap Marketing gives you 5 simple methods to go from zero to full-time earning in 6 months. This 92 page PDF shows you step-by-step how to accomplish this. When I first saw the title, I was a little skeptical.  After reading the report, I became very excited. This product shows you how you can initially start out with no investment and how to gradually start to pay for things once you have some income coming in. The main thing is you need to follow Dennis’ road-map and stay away from Bright Shiny Objects (BSOs).

Dennis believes that it is better to start from the bottom and work your way up. When you don’t have money to spend on your business, it forces you to be more creative. You learn all the things that must be done in your business as opposed to outsourcing everything. I am not saying that you should not outsource, but you should know what is involved in the tasks you will eventually outsource out.

Bootstrap Marketing 5 Business Models

There are 5 business models that are explained in detail in Bootstrap Marketing:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Niche Marketer
  3. Affiliate Marketer
  4. Blogger
  5. Kindle Writer

For each of these business models, this product gives you 10 steps you need to follow as well as your 6 month bootstrapping overview. As I read through Bootstrap Marketing, I was perplexed as to what method to choose. I have experimented with all of these methods except for freelancing.

I am going to focus on the Kindle writing. I have written one Kindle book so far, Leave The Corporate World Behind.  I have been a contributor to another one,  What Is Your Why? I also am currently contributing to two other Kindle books.  It was stated that in order to be a successful Kindle author you need to have more than one book. My plan is to write a series of The Online Newbie books.

Bootstrap Marketing  is a great resource for online newbies.  It outlines 5 different business models that you can start right now with no money. Once you read this report, please leave a comment  and let me know what model you chose.

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