First Steps To A Successful Online Entrepreneur

Congratulations on taking the steps to become an online entrepreneur. Maybe it was an easy journey to get here, maybe it wasn’t. That doesn’t really matter. What does is that you’re here and will be running a business that satisfies … Continue reading

Do I Have What It Takes To Leave The Corporate Rat Race For Online Marketing?

If you are one of those people in corporate America who is tired of the rat race then you may be thinking about other things you can do instead. You are probably asking yourself, “Do I have what it takes … Continue reading

What Presidents Day and Online Marketing Have In Common

You are probably thinking that Presidents Day has nothing to do with online marketing, but I disagree. For a lot of people Presidents Day is a holiday. Typically people use the day to go shopping, relax, take a 3 day … Continue reading

Five Ways To Gain Local Visibility For Your Online Business

    If you have an online marketing business, you may want to also have a local presence in your community. There are many reasons why you may want to gain local visibility.  You may be interested in working with … Continue reading

What Online Marketers Can Learn From Women’s Basketball

Today was the home opener for the University of Maryland Women’s Basketball Team. I am a huge fan of Women’s basketball. I have season tickets to the Washington Mystics which is a WNBA team and I also have season tickets … Continue reading

Differences Between A Telecommuter And An Online Marketing Entrepreneur

A lot of people think that a telecommuter is similar to being an online marketing entrepreneur. As someone who is on both sides of the fence, I can assure you that that couldn’t be further from the truth. First let … Continue reading

What A Street Break Dance Performance Has In Common With Online Marketing

While I was on vacation in South Beach, Florida, I had the opportunity to witness a break dance performance one evening.  A group of guys put down a mat and proceeded to give the spectators a show.  As people gave … Continue reading

Repurposing Your Content – Part 2

This is part 2 of repurposing your content.  You should read  Part 1 first, Repurposing Your Content – Part 1.  Part 2 will reveal 14 more ways to repurpose your content.      File Sharing – You can create a … Continue reading