How To Create Your First Audio Information Product Over a Weekend

Audio Information ProductOne of the things that new online marketers struggle with is product creation.  You constantly hear from the gurus that you need to create your own information product.  The problem is first you need to figure out what exactly is an information product or infoproduct. Next you need to determine what you could possibly create that you could sell and that people will actually buy.

An information product is a product that is in a digital format that includes some intellectual content. Its format can be an eBook which is either a Kindle book or a PDF document.  It can also be an audio, video or a combination of all of the above.

This article will focus on audio information products and specifically audio products that you can create over a weekend. The goal is to get your product completed in a weekend so you can start earning some money with your online marketing business.

Audio Information Product – Interview

The first type of audio information product that you can create is an interview. The interview can be with one person or a group of people. You can interview a single person. You could ask them a series of questions related to your niche.

You can also conduct a group interview.  There are two different formats for the group interview.  You could interview a series of people about a particular topic. For example, you could interview people who are Kindle authors and ask them to give their best tips for publishing on Kindle. You could also interview a group of people and ask them all the same question. For example, if we stick with Kindle, you could ask them “What is the one thing all new Kindle authors need to know in order to be successful?”

Audio Information Product – Teleseminar

Another type of audio information product that you can create is a teleseminar. Ask The Online Newbie is an example of a teleseminar. Ask The Online Newbie Teleseminar discusses an online marketing topic and solicits feedback and questions from the listeners.

Audio Information Product – Recording Your Product

Now that you have decided you are going to create an audio product, you need to record your product.  There are 2 tools that you can use to record your teleseminar. I use Instant Teleseminar.  With Instant Teleseminar, your listeners can listen via the phone, web or Skype. The recording is available right after the call is completed. You can get a 21 day trial for $1.00. You could also use a free conference call line. One service that provides free conference calls is Free Conference Call.

Whichever service you use, you need to save your audio as a MP3 file. I also suggest that you get the audio transcribed. Now you are ready to sell your audio and transcript as a product.


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