How To Create Your First Video Information Product

Video Information ProductOne of the things that every online marketer needs is their own information products. How To Create Your First Audio Information Product in a Weekend was the first article regarding this topic. Now you will learn how to create your first video information product. Just like an audio product, there are various ways to create a video information product.

Video Information Product – Webinars

With webinars, you can either hold a free webinar or a paid webinar and you can typically teach something for about 45 minutes and then answer questions for 15 minutes. In the free webinar format, attendees attend the webinar for free. If you want to monetize it, then people can pay for the recording. In the paid webinar format, people pay up front to attend the webinar.

Video Information Product – PowerPoint Video

If you are creating a PowerPoint video, then the first thing you do is create your slides. Once you create your slides, you develop your script so that you know what you will be saying for each slide. Now you are ready to record your slide presentation. You can create your video right in PowerPoint. In my How To Create An Amazon Store product, I have created a PowerPoint video.

Video Information Product – “How To” Video

In a “how-to” video, you show your audience how to do something on your computer.  In this case, you would be recording your screen during your demonstration

 Audio Information Product – Recording Your Product

Once you decide what type of video product you are going to create, you need to record it. If your product is a webinar, then you will probably use GoToWebinar and you can create the recording right from GoToWebinar.  You can try GoToWebinar for free for 30 days. An alternative to using the recording from GoToWebinar is to use Camtasia and Instant Teleseminar together. You use Camtasia to record the video and Instant Teleseminar to record the audio. This is a bit more complicated because then you must import the audio into Camtasia.

As was started earlier, you can use PowerPoint if you are creating a PowerPoint video. You can also use Camtasia to create a PowerPoint video. If you are recording your screen, then you can use Camtasia. You can also use Jing which is a free way to record your screen.

Once your create your video, you must save your video as a MP4 file and the audio as MP3. I suggest that you save the audio separately to give your product more value. You should also get a transcript as well. Now you are ready to sell your first video information product which includes the video, audio and transcript.


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