How To Create A Sidebar Widget

Picture this scenario. You have just created your own information product.  Now you need to generate traffic to your sales page so people can buy your product.  Now here comes the dilemma. How are you going to drive traffic to your sales page?  There are many ways to drive traffic and creating a sidebar widget is just one of them.

The purpose of this article is to explain a way that you can generate traffic to your sales page of your new product or affiliate product. I really want you to understand that you can create your own sidebar widget as a source of traffic to your sales page.

How To Create A Sidebar Widget is an easy way to promote your product or affiliate product. You can create a clickable image that is installed as a widget in your sidebar of your website. When you click the image, it will take you to the product sales page.

There are many myths associated with creating a sidebar widget. You may think that it is very difficult to create an image for your sidebar or that you need to be a Professional Web Designer to create an image for your sidebar. This is not the case. Also, creating an image for your sidebar will not take a lot of time. Lastly, the tools you need to use to create your image for your sidebar are not expensive.

The How To Create A Sidebar Widget training will show you step by step how to create a widget to promote your product or your affiliate product. It will show you how to remove the background from an image, how to create a clickable image and how to install the clickable image in your sidebar as a widget. You will actually be provided with all the steps needed to create the widget. You can use the main video or the eBook as a reference when you actually create your widget.

There are many benefits that you will gain from this training. You get the following:

  • Step By Step Instructions – You can watch videos where step by step instructions are provided
  • Can Advertise Products Immediately – You can start marketing products immediately without waiting for someone else to set up your sidebar widget
  • Free Tools – You can create your own image for your sidebar widget with free tools
  • Don’t have to be a Tech or Graphics Guru – You don’t have to be a “techie”
  • Professional Looking SIdebar Widget – People will see your sidebar widget and think that is was created by a Professional Web Designer

 How To Create A Sidebar Widget includes 5 videos and audios:

  • Welcome
  • Main Product
  • Remove Background From Image
  • Creating Images in Pixlr
  • Installing Image in Sidebar Widget
  • Question & Answer Teleseminar

There are also 2 bonuses included with this product:

  • Easy HTML For Widgets
  • 15 Website Traffic Methods Exposed Questions

I have actually implemented this training on my own website, The Online Newbie. I have two widgets for two products that I am promoting – TopWPPluginsForBusiness and How To Create An Amazon Store.

As you can see How To Create a Sidebar Widget training is very powerful and is an essential part of your successful business.


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