Doing Something Special for Your Best Customers

Best CustomersThis evening, I will be attending a special event for the Washington Mystics. The Washington Mystics are the WNBA team that plays in Washington, DC. I have had season tickets for many years. 9 years ago, I upgraded my season tickets to VIP. I sit on the floor right behind the bench.

As a VIP season ticketholder, I get many perks. We have a VIP lounge where they have snacks. I get a $10.00 credit for food and drinks at every game. I get free tickets that I can give away to my friends and family. There are also several special events. One of the events takes place tonight. The Mystics have a TV show called Mystics Magazine. All of the VIP season ticketholders will be watching the premiere of this year’s season at a movie theatre.

The whole point of me telling you this is that we need to do special things for our best customers. Now, you have to define who you consider your best clients. Is it the person who buys all of your products? Is it your best affiliate? Is it the person who always sends you a testimonial? It could one of these or all of these.  This is something you need to decide.

Customer service is about more than fixing issues and problems. The point is you need to determine who your best customers are, how you will treat them special and what you will do for them to let them know they are special.  What will you do to reward them? Do you give them a prize? Do you give them a discount? Do you give them free publicity?

I would be curious to know what you do to reward your best clients. Leave a comment with your answers.



Doing Something Special for Your Best Customers — 2 Comments

    • Donna,

      You are absolutely correct. You can’t put a price on the goodwill you receive when you treat a customer special.

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