Earn1KaDay 2013 – Hanging Out With the Internet Rock Stars

Earn1KaDayI just returned from the Earn1KaDay event in Las Vegas and I am exhausted but excited as well.  This event is put on by Dennis Becker. Do you know how you feel when you get up and close and personal with your idols or famous rock stars?  Well, that is how I felt at the Earn1KaDay event.  I was among some of the biggest Internet Rock Stars in the online world.  I know this may sound a little corny, but this event was unbelievable.  As you can see from my pictures, there were some pretty big hitters there.

I want to give you just a little recap of my weekend and the ‘aha’ moments that I experienced.  On the first day, was an all-day mastermind.  Everyone introduced themselves and told what they wanted to get out of the weekend or what they were looking for. As I have written about previously, I am really trying to get out of my comfort zone and not revert to my introverted ways so I really made an effort to meet new people.  There were about 40 of us that participated in the mastermind.  There were various experience levels as well as niches present.  After lunch, people had a chance to ask questions and people were more than willing to give helpful, actionable advice.  The last part of the day we broke up into smaller groups.

Earn1KaDay – Wil Mattos

So while the first day was very informal, Days 2 and 3 were filled with great information from fabulous speakers. It is impossible for me to give you a play-by-play but I would like to highlight a few things. The first speaker was Wilson Mattos whose topic was “Why You Will Fail Trying TO Make Money Online… and How to Succeed”.  Wil is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Rapid Crush, Inc. Wil talked about the foundation, assets and the numbers associated with your business. He challenged all of us to make sure we have the proper things set up in our business and create a plan for revenue and profit.  It was very eye opening.  Rapid Crush offers 6-In-6 Coaching  which is a 6 month program that will guide you through the process of building a successful online business

Earn1KaDay Aha Moment #1

Wilson Mattos – You should be predicting how much money you are making every month even in the beginning.

Earn1KaDay – Justin Popovic

The next person I want to highlight is Justin Popovic who spoke on “Entrepreneur’s Mindset – Which version of YOU is showing up?”  This was someone that I really didn’t know much about, but I really resonated with him.  Justin started in corporate America and finally decided that he didn’t want to wear the “golden handcuffs” any longer.  When he was talking, I felt like he was talking directly to me since he has a background similar to mine. He talked about the 6 elements to a winning mindset.

Earn1KaDay Aha Moment #2

Justin Popovic – Challenge Your Personal Limitations

Earn1KaDay – Connie Ragen Green

The last person I want to highlight is definitely not a stranger to me, Connie Ragen Green. Connie is my mentor and I am her 10K Laser Coaching student.  Connie spoke about “Taking Your Business to the Next Level by Positioning Yourself as an Authority”.  If you don’t know her, you should really get to know her and her story.  Connie started making 6 figures in online marketing with only 651 people on her list.  Some of the things that you need to do to establish yourself as an authority are decide exactly what you want to be known for, show your credibility quickly, create a consistent look and feel and become an author.

Earn1KaDay Aha Moment #3

Connie Ragen Green – Tell your story and how it relates to your message

As you can see this was a very powerful conference.  Even if you missed the conference, you can still become part of this awesome community.  Check out the Earn1KaDay forum. You can even take advantage of a trial membership.


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    • Connie, thank you so much for your kind words. I also feel honored to be your friend. You are definitely a internet rock star. I think many people can relate to your story because you did not start making serious money with a giant list.

  1. It’s good to know who is successful. For those unfamiliar with this industry, this is great information. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kelly, I always feel a little uncomfortable at these events as I think about all of the things that I need to do. I am so glad that I got to meet you also. I have seen you at NAMS over the last 2 years and even participated in your session, but I did not really know you. Can’t wait to see you in couple of weeks.

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