Are You An Entrepreneur or A Salesman?

SalesmanIf you are an entrepreneur you are pretty proud of the fact that you work for yourself. You create your own destiny and beat to your own drum. You generate your own income and gather your own customers. I want to ask you a question? Are you a entrepreneur first or a salesman? More than likely, you will say that you are an entrepreneur. Not many people want to think of themselves as a salesman. We get this picture of a sleazy used car salesman.

I hate to break this to you but first and foremost you are a salesman. That is your primary job. I read an article in Success Magazine called  “Top Priority – You wear many hats, but sales is the most important” by Anthony Iannarino that reiterated this fact.

Anthony’s article had 4 main points:

  1. The First Mistake – Entrepreneurs don’t recognize that growing a business is all about sales
  2. Customer Acquisition is King – You may wear many hats but sales has to come first
  3. Make Time To Sell – You have to delegate other tasks
  4. Build A Sales Process

As I look at my own entrepreneurial journey, I realize that I have not always made these four points a priority. We tend to like to create things but then don’t put enough effort into selling them. I love the idea of creating information products but really don’t like the sales page creation process. Entrepreneurs always want to grow their businesses and they do a lot of things that they think will grow their business. Not too often will we say, I really have to concentrate on sales or I love writing my sales page.

If you create the greatest product but no one knows, then you might as well not have spent the time to create the product. You need to have your target market in mind when you create the product. Also, make sure that your product will solve a problem that they have.

As an entrepreneur, you are used to doing everything especially in the beginning. As you grow, you need to start delegating some tasks. This will probably be hard because you will want to control everything.  The first tasks you should delegate are non-income producing tasks such as administrative tasks. A virtual assistant can be a godsend. Also, you should hire someone to perform your technical work. This was hard for me. I love tech work and I know how to do it; however, that was not the best use of my time.

Lastly, you need to build a sales process. If you have had some success in the past with sales, then create a process based on that. In the article by Anthony Iannarino these are the steps he states must be done:

  • Identify the activities that open relationships with your prospective clients
  • Research how to nail down your dream clients
  • Find out what prospective clients need in order to move forward with you
  • Know the final steps that win deals

As you can see, being an entrepreneur requires many skills but the most important one if you want to stay in business is being a salesman. If you need help writing sales copy for your information products, then you should take the Really Simple Sales Copy course. This course is a four module training that will teach you the skills you need to become an effective direct response copywriter.


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