Should Every Business Have A Blog?

BlogI am sure that almost everyone has heard of blogging, but a lot of people only associate it with individuals or online marketing businesses. People don’t realize that every business whether they are online or offline can benefit from having a blog.

The ease of publishing a blog makes it a perfect marketing vehicle for any type of business.  Whether you work from home or are the CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation, blogs are a great addition to your marketing strategy. 

Blogs create a face for your business that your customers can identify with and participate in.  Blogs have become a valuable part of today’s consumer-generated media. They give consumers a platform to actively engage and participate in dialogs with key personnel within a company.

 Many companies such as General Motors, IBM, Boeing, and Microsoft have all set up blogs to market their services or products. They reason these big companies have a blog is because it is a cost-effective way of communicating quickly with their prospects and customers.  By providing a blog for their customers to talk about their product, a company can easily find out what their customers really want and tailor their products accordingly. This open-dialog between a company and customers have dramatically cut costs and boosted revenue. Now companies can get first-hand research information for next-to-nothing. A blog is the perfect instant feedback mechanism.

 If you have a small business or a home-based business, the same strategies apply to you as well.  You can use blogs for the following:

  1.  Provide value-added content
  2.  Build a relationship with your readers
  3.  Establish trust with your customers while gaining credibility
  4.  Create awareness about your product offerings
  5.  Test ideas and research your market by getting your readers and customers to participate in discussions

If Fortune 500 companies believe that blogs should be a part of their marketing strategy, then why wouldn’t you do that as well? If you want to learn key skills successful bloggers use every day to get and keep readers and earn more money, then you should check out Smart Blogging Skills.


Should Every Business Have A Blog? — 12 Comments

  1. I like the 5 benefits for why a business should blog that you bring up in this post Adrienne. As a blogger I have found that creating posts on a regular basis helps to clarify exactly what I am doing online. We want to write posts that help the people we are trying to reach, and in creating them you can really hone in on what that might be – spin off from that is that you define your area of expertise, and solve a problem for your audience too.
    Moira recently posted…Can Blog Commenting Get You Web Traffic ?My Profile

  2. Hi Adrienne

    Congrats on a nice piece. Yes, I think every small business should have a blog and I encourage all my clients to do that as part of their marketing, wherever possible. If they are not wordsmiths, then we look for other ways of achieving the same ends. Have shared. Keep writing, keep sharing! Judith x
    Judith Morgan recently posted…I Am An EntrepreneurMy Profile

  3. I agree with Adrienne – most of my clients are solo-entrepreneurs who are trying to establish themselves as an expert in their particular field. Blogging is an excellent way to do that. It is also an essential component of your online strategy if you want to be found through people searching on Google etc. It won’t get you there over night but, in conjunction with other things, like being on Google+, it will get you found.
    Meredith Eisenberg recently posted…Come Play in Traffic: Claim Your ExpertiseMy Profile

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