Fiverr – How I Can Use It In My Online Business


Have you ever heard of Fiverr? It is a cool way to outsource work, on any budget! is a website that connects service providers and customers. The unique twist to this site is that every service is offered for $5 (thus the name Fiverr). Most people might think that you can’t get much for $5, but surprisingly that is not the case. You can find many services on Fiverr that you can’t get anywhere else, for any price.

Fiverr is very easy to use. You can sign up for a free account in just a few seconds. Within a few minutes you can be hiring someone or even offering your own $5 gig.

Fiverr ties in nicely with PayPal, allowing you to either pay for gigs via PayPal or get paid that way.

Offering Services on

You can make some quick cash by offering your own “Gigs” – Fiverr’s term for job or service offers on the site. Describe your offer by filling out the “I’ll do […] for $5” form. You’ll then be redirected to a page where you can describe your offer in a little more detail, add some information for buyers along with some tags and how long it will take you to complete the gig. You will actually only get $4.00 because Fiverr takes a $1.00 cut.

Buying On

As a buyer of services, you have hundreds of options at your disposal. Some popular Fiverr gigs include creating short videos, writing blog posts and articles, and creating graphics such as eBook covers, banners and buttons. All this for only $5.

As with any outsourcing site, there are both good and bad providers on Fiverr, so be sure to check feedback before hiring anyone. But at just $5, it’s easy to try out new providers as well. You might just find a hidden talent.

Most Fiverr providers are very fast, often turning around work in just a few hours. If you need something immediately, you should either work with a Fiverr provider you’re familiar with or use another source to get the job done. The last thing you want to do is miss a critical deadline because you relied on an untested Fiverr seller.

Job Requests on

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have a rather specialized task you need done, consider posting a job request. Requests are listed on the site and service providers then have the option to get in touch with you to work out a gig.

Fiverr is a fun and useful website for business. Just make sure you head over there with a plan and a budget or you may up browsing for hours upon hours and buying all kinds of stuff you don’t need! Have fun and spend those five bucks wisely.

I have used Fiverr for logo creation, Twitter backgrounds and graphics for products? Have you used Fiverr?  If so, what did you use it for?  How was your experience


Fiverr – How I Can Use It In My Online Business — 6 Comments

    • Stephanie, I agree that you can use them as a virtual assistant for some tasks. I am willing to take on risk on some things for $5.00. What have you used Fiverr for?

  1. I appreciate your review of Fiverr. I looked at the site years ago and didn’t have a need for the types of services being offered, but it sounds like it’s expanded since then. I’m also leery of any work done that cheap. Being a virtual assistant, I know the time that quality work takes and how much it usually costs. I’ll take another look at it though.
    Cathy Yerges recently posted…Where to Begin with Social NetworkingMy Profile

    • Cathy, you can find almost anything on Fiverr. I only use them for certain tasks such as ecovers. I am willing to take a chance on some things. If it does not work out, I have only lost $5.00.

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