Free Report – An Excellent Advertising Method For Your Online Business

Free ReportThere are many benefits to a free report.

        1. Traffic Generator – Free reports are a viral piece of advertising; therefore, they can generate traffic to your website. Typically, you include a statement in your free report allowing the reader to give the report away as long as they don’t make any changes.  If your report contains useful information, then the readers will be happy to give it away to their friends.
        2. Social Media Exposure – You should let people know through Social Media that you are giving away a free report.  If people are interested in the content, then they will share your message with their friends. If you are using Facebook, make sure to include a picture.  Posts with pictures on Facebook are seen more frequently on your friends’ timelines.  Also people are more likely to share a post that includes a picture.
        3. Affiliate Offers – You should include affiliate offers in your free report.  Even though the report is free, you can still make money.  Make sure that you only include offers that are relevant to the content of the report.  Also, make sure you only recommend products that you have used.  This way, you can include your own testimonial about the product. If you are including affiliate offers, make sure you include a disclaimer in your report.
        4. Your Own Product Offers – If you have products that are relevant to the report, you can include them as well.  You can use the free report as a teaser to  your ebook, book or course
        5. List Builder – You can use your free report as a list builder.  You can create an opt-in page for your free report so people have to join your list in order to get your free report.

As you can see there are many benefits to free reports.  In my opinion the word free report is somewhat of a misnomer.  Even though you are giving away the report for free, you still have many opportunities to generate revenue.

To see an example of a free report, get my free report List Building For Internet Marketing Newbies.

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