Grow Your List Virally

Grow Your List VirallyGrowing your list probably seems like a lot of work. You’ve got to write articles each week, guest blog, be active on social media sites etc. Once you stop doing all or some of these things and your list can stop growing. Or will it? Not if you put a few things in place that will allow your list to grow virally and passively.

Does that mean that you can just sit back and count your subscribers and do nothing? Of course not! What you can do it make sure you get some leverage and make sure that your lists are growing faster.

I’ll share two methods of growing your list virally with you. Both of these methods are quick and easy to implement, yet incredibly powerful.

Grow Your List Virally By Word of Mouth Advertising

One of the easiest and best ways to grow your list virally is to ask your current subscribers to recommend it to others. They are interested in what you have to say and like what you’re emailing them about (or else they would unsubscribe). Chances are that they have friends and colleagues that are interested in the same things.

Ask them to recommend you to family and friends. An easy way to do this is to simply include a P.S. in your email messages. Don’t do it every single time, but make a point to include it on occasion. Here’s a basic example:

Thanks so much for subscribing to my gardening newsletter. If you enjoy it and find value in my tips, consider recommending my blog to family and friends who also love gardening. Just send them here to sign up:

[insert link to your optin page]

That’s all it takes to grow your list virally. Give it a try this week and see if you don’t see an increase in subscribers.

Grow Your List Virally By Giving Them Something to Share

Another option is to give your readers something they can share with others interested in a similar topic. This could be a free report, a video or a checklist. Use a call to action in your report, video or checklist to invite readers to sign up for your list.

Once your report, video or checklist is ready, upload it to your website and then ask your readers to spread the word about it. Tell them they are welcome to email the report to others, post it on Facebook, tweet about it etc. In other words, get your readers to help you spread the word.

Extra Tip – Include a note in your report that anyone is welcome to share the report. This will make the report even more viral and who knows…over time it will spread far and wide across the web, continually sending new subscribers your way.

If you are interested in learning more about list building, get my free report, List Building for Internet Marketing Newbies.

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