How To Deliver Your Information Product

How To Deliver Your Information ProductIf you have an online marketing business, then you should be creating information products as a part of your business. An information product is a product that is in a digital format that includes some intellectual content. Its format can be an eBook which is either a Kindle book or a PDF document.  It can also be a document, video or audio or a combination of all of the above.

Once you decide the format of your information product, you need to decide how to deliver your information product. There are 3 ways to deliver your information product: email, download page or membership site.

How To Deliver Your Information Product – Email

Once your buyer purchases your product, you could deliver the product in an email. There is no set up needed to do this; however, this is the least preferred method. The email may not be delivered, or it could end up in spam. Also, the size of the information product can cause issues. Some email providers do not accept large attachments. Lastly, it can be difficult for the buyer to find the product again. They will have to search through their email.

How To Deliver Your Information Product – Download Page

You can direct your buyer to a download page to access their information product. This is better than email; however, there are things that you must take into consideration. If you create a download page, make sure that the page has a cryptic name so people that have not purchased your product can not find it. I use the password generator that I have with Roboform. Also, make sure you do not add this page to the menu of your WordPress site. This page should be hidden. The buyer can still run into problems accessing this page later. They will have to keep the link to the download page.

How To Deliver Your Information Product – Membership Site

Membership sites are way I recommend that you deliver your information product. With a membership site, you can upload the information. The user has a login that they can use to access the information easily over and over. You don’t have to worry about an email being delivered or someone having unauthorized access to a download page.

The membership solution that I recommend is Wishlist Member which is a WordPress plugin. People are registered when they purchase my information products. If they forget their password, then they can get a link sent to them to reset it without me having to do anything.

The solution that I recommend for delivering your information product is to host your information product in a membership site. You don’t have to worry about email deliverability or unauthorized access to your product.

If you want to learn more about how to create information products, then Really Simple Info Products may be want you need. This 4-module workshop training will teach you will teach you how to create high quality, digital information products on a variety of topics to build your online business.

Once you have created your information produce, you will want to promote them. Here are 15 ways to promote your information product.

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