How To Find Profitable Products In ClickBank

How To Find Profitable Products In ClickBank

ClickBank is a great resource to find affiliate products to promote.  The good thing is there are thousands of products and the bad thing is that there are thousands of products.  You need to sift through all of the products and determine which ones are the most profitable.  There are several factors that you can use to determine if a product is a good candidate for promotion.

Clickbank Search Criteria

If you are searching for products on the ClickBank website then you can use the following statistics to narrow your search –  gravity, initial dollars per sale, average dollars per sale, average rebill total, average percentage per sale and average percentage per rebill.

Gravity is the weighted count of affiliates who sold a product during the past 12 weeks. Recent transactions are given a higher weight. The calculation of gravity for an affiliate is 0.96 (n-1) where n is n days ago.  For example, if an affiliate sold a product today, his gravity would be 1. If he sold a product 2 days ago, his gravity would be .96 (2-1) or .96. If there were 2 affiliates that made a sale 2 days ago, then the product’s gravity would be .96+.96 or 1.92.

Initial dollars per sale is the average amount an affiliate earns on the initial sale.  This includes one-time upsells, refunds, chargebacks and sales tax. Average dollars per sale would be the same for one-time purchases. For recurring products it is the average total of the initial sale plus all of the recurring income divided by the number of initial sales.  Average rebill total only applies to products with recurring billing. This is the average amount an affiliate makes on all of the recurring sales. Average percentage per sale is the average amount that is earned for a product so it includes the initial purchase, upsells and recurring sales. Average percentage per rebill shows the average commission rate on recurring sales.

Additional ClickBank Search Criteria

As you can see there are a lot of things that you can use to narrow down your search of ClickBank; however, there is other data that you might want to analyze in making your decision to promote a product.  Momentum, rank average, change and refund are additional fields that you may want to search on. Momentum is a predictive analysis tool that is based on a product’s current sales performance. Change is the last ranking change. Refund is the percentage of sales that are refunded by buyers.

Clickbank Graphical Data

It would also be nice to see product data in a graphical format. Seeing graphs over time for rank, gravity and earnings per sale is very helpful in looking at the big picture.  Looking at just one point in time may be misleading. If you are just using the capabilities of the ClickBank Marketplace, then this additional analysis is not available.

ClickBank Search Engine

CB Engine is a powerful search engine tool for ClickBank as well as a ClickBank Analytics tool. Not only can you produce graphical trend reports but you can get lists of new products, products that have been removed, top products by momentum average, underexposed and climbing products, underexposed and gaining products and products with recurring billing. This additional data that is provided by CB Engine will put you far ahead of our competition. CB Engine is a resource that you must have if you want to be successful with ClickBank.

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