Kindle Cheats Product Review

Kindle CheatsKindle Cheats is a report by Dennis Becker that describes 10 “easy cheats” for writing Amazon Kindle books. This guide is to get you out of a writing slump and to decrease the time it takes to write your Kindle book. 

I am writing 3 Kindle books at the same time, so I really need some help on getting focused. I am writing one of the books with the help of some contributors.  I am also writing a chapter for a book that my Mastermind is writing.  Lastly, I am co-writing a book. The Kindle Cheats report came just in time.  I read the report and will describe the strategies I plan to use. The 10 easy Kindle cheats are:

  1. See the end before the beginning
  2. The backwards outline
  3. Write a movie instead of a book
  4. Take away all questions before you start
  5. Change where you are
  6. Know exactly what you’re doing, and when
  7. Reading is the answer
  8. Zippy research is within reach
  9. You’re a character
  10. The formula for writing faster than you ever have before

Kindle Cheats – See The End Before The Beginning

There were a lot of good points in the report so I will highlight the ones that resonated with me.  I have been told that to start a book, you should start with an outline.  But what if you have such a severe case of writer’s block that you can’t even write an outline?  According to the Kindle Cheats report, you should visualize the ending. Now, you can write to the ending.

Kindle Cheats – Reading Is The Answer

The next tip that resonated with me was Cheat #7, Read. You should read as much as possible and read all kinds of books. I have hundreds of Kindle books and some of them are directly related to the topics I am writing about. I can use these books for ideas and inspiration. If you are interested in business related Kindle books, you can get my list of free Kindle books every Saturday and Sunday.

Kindle Cheats – Zippy Research Is Within Reach

The last cheat that I will use while I am writing my Kindle books is research which is #8. I know that some people will run from this strategy, but I love research especially on the internet.  The one thing that the report cautions about is only reading what you need and organizing your research as you go.  It is very easy to go down a rabbit’s hole when researching on the internet.

As you can see, Kindle Cheats is a great resource if you are writing Kindle books.  You don’t have to use all 10 strategies but you should determine which ones resonate with you.

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