Live Event Benefits

Live Event BenefitsA live event is an event that you attend in person. Instead of attending via a webinar or teleseminar, you go to a physical place. There are a ton of live events and there are events for almost every niche. I love live events and they are very beneficial. There are at least six live event benefits.

Live Event Benefits #1 – Networking

When you attend a live event, you can network with other people at the event. Make sure you bring business cards and be open to meet new people. Even as an introvert, I make a concerted effort to meet new people. Some of the people I have met at live events are my friends now.

Live Event Benefits #2 – Training

Live events are a great way to learn. They generally have a learning tract associated with the event. Look at the description of the event to determine what they are teaching. Make sure you bring a laptop or a notebook so that you can take notes. At lot of the conference rooms do not have a lot of outlets for electricity so consider bringing a surge protector or a portable charger.

Live Event Benefits #3 – Visit New Areas

A lot of the live events that I attend are not in my area so this gives me an opportunity to visit new areas. Determine if public transportation, cabs or Uber will be sufficient or if you need to rent a car. You will be busy with the event so you will only have time to explore in the evenings or if you stay longer.

Live Event Benefits #4 – JV Opportunities

When you start to network, it may become apparent that there are people that you can partner with. Look for people who offer complimentary products or services. You could create a course or information product with that person.

Live Event Benefits #5 – New Ideas

When I attend live events, the creative juices seem to flow. I come up with some new ideas. I will write all those ideas down on one sheet of a notebook. After the event, I review the list and prioritize the new ideas.

Live Event Benefits #6 – Meet People You Follow Online

One of the biggest benefits is that you will get to meet the people that you follow online. If you have their book, bring it with you so you can get it autographed. Also, make sure you take a picture. You will have a different connection with the person after you meet them in person.

Weekend Marketer Live

One of the live events that I attend is Weekend Marketer Live hosted by Connie Ragen Green. She is a phenomenal online marketer who is a fantastic teacher. As a former classroom teacher, she can break down tasks so that anyone can comprehend them. Her signature event is focused on multiple streams of income which is essential if you want to be a full-time entrepreneur. If you want to learn about online marketing, you should check out Weekend Marketer Live.

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