March Madness – What Does That Have To Do With Online Marketing

March MadnessYou are probably thinking what does March Madness have to do with online marketing. Adrienne, I think you have your passions mixed up.  Well, I believe that there are similarities

This weekend is the  CAA Women’s Tournament. It  consists of 7 games in 3 days which is heaven to a basketball fanatic like me. None of these teams are particularly teams that I root for, but I love good basketball.  Anyone who knows me knows that in March, I am all about basketball.

The beginning of March madness starts with the conference tournaments.  These are one and done games.  Once you lose, you are done.  Depending on your season, you will still make the NCAA tournament or it is all over.  This is particularly true for the women.  Many of these women know that this is the last time they will be playing basketball competitively.

Women who play college basketball play for the love of the game.  They don’t get all the accolades that the men do.  There are no multimillion dollar contracts after college.  There are 12 WNBA teams with only 11 players on each team. Most WNBA players play overseas during the off season to make a decent living. You might ask, then why don’t they just play overseas? They love playing in front of fans of their own country. Now that’s determination and dedication.

As an online marketer and entrepreneur, do have the determination and dedication to do what it takes to be successful? Are you willing to put in the hard work whether you get the fame and glory?

We entrepreneurs and online marketers can take a lesson from women college basketball players.  Do you have the drive to plow ahead even if you don’t get the accolades? Are you willing to follow your dreams no matter hard it is? Leave a comment and let me know.


March Madness – What Does That Have To Do With Online Marketing — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Adrienne, Like you I love basketball too! These students really give up a lot by choosing to play basketball.

    Online marketing is the same way. It takes courage to be successful and yes, I have what it takes to follow my dreams!


    • Ellene, you are right. Playing basketball is a huge sacrifice. Who is your favorite team? I am looking forward to following you as you follow your dreams.

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