3 Ways to Monetize Your List

monetize your listA question that gets asked quite a bit is when to start mailing your list and when to start sending them offers (for your own products or affiliate products). The answer is simple. You should do both from day one. You can monetize your list from day one. Let’s look at a simple step by step plan to follow for your first few auto responder messages.

Monetize Your List with Your Thank You Page

The Thank You Page is the page your readers will land on after they submit their name and email address. Most people will simply thank their readers for signing up and let them know that they will receive a welcome email in just a few minutes.

This is the first way you can monetize your list. What they are missing out on is a great money making opportunity. Think about it… these people just proved that they trust you and are ready to learn more on a certain topic. Give them the opportunity to do just that by adding an offer on your thank you page.

For example, if I’m building a list about growing tasty tomatoes, I might recommend a little eBook about growing tomatoes organically on the thank you page.

Monetize Your List with Your Welcome Email

The next place to monetize your list is within your welcome email. This is the email that goes out to your readers as soon as they are signed up. Welcome them and let them know what they can expect over the coming weeks. If you’d like, share a quick little tip or link to a great blog post you’ve written.

Last but not least, repeat the offer that you’ve made on the thank you page. You’ll be surprised how many readers will take you up on the offer this second time around.

Alternating Good Content and Solo Offer Emails

You want to email your readers a mix of great content and offers for various related products. A good rule of thumb is to send one solo email for every 3 content emails.

A solo email is an email message you write and send out with the sole purpose of getting your readers to buy something. In it you explain what the product is and why it would benefit them along with a call to action to have them buy it right now.

Content emails can be a variety of things. You can share some tips and information right in the email, you can link to a couple of good blog posts you’ve written, or you can even share links to short reports or videos you’ve created. You can also include an offer in the P.S.

The goal is to find a balance between sharing content and building a relationship with your readers and making money from your list.

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3 Ways to Monetize Your List — 5 Comments

  1. Love reading your posts Adrienne – you are sharing such good stuff about listing building and how to do it!

    I like your suggestion about monetizing the thank you page – the one a subscriber sees just after they’ve entered their details in the opt-in form. When you think about it, that page is the one that most subscribers will most definitely see – so it makes sense to put in an offer there!

    On one training course I took, they recommended that you should also mention your name on that Thank You Page quite a bit – almost over do it – as then there is a greater chance that the prospect will remember your name. Then when they go to their email inbox, there is a better chance they will recognize your name, and either confirm their address or open up your messages and read them.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge – list building and monetizing it is key to earning an income online.
    Moira recently posted…Starting Your Own Online Business – How To Avoid ProcrastinationMy Profile

    • Eleanor, I am glad that you enjoyed the post. Please let me know what other type of information or training you are interested in.

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