Are You A Part Of A Supportive Business Community?

Most of us have multiple circles of friends that we can count on and are always there to be supportive.  I am blessed and fortunate enough to have several circles of friends that I can depend on for almost anything.

I am a member of a sorority so I have a circle of sorority sisters from college and my graduate chapter.  I am a basketball fanatic so I have a circle of friends who also like basketball. I love having a group of women that I can go to basketball games with that understand and like basketball  I worked at my previous job for 16 ½ years, so I have some lifelong friends from there as well. These circles of friends along with my family are very important to me.

My newest circle of friends is from an online business membership that I have been a part of since August 2011. It is called NAMS. The NAMS membership is called MyNAMS Total Business System Membership. This is an amazing community of online business owners who are so supportive. If you are an online business owner, you need a support system. MyNAMS is the perfect solution.

NAMSThis is a picture from my very first NAMS conference.  A group of us met the day before to meet each other and participate in an all-day session with Connie Ragen Green.  I am still in contact with these people today.  I have been to a lot of conferences, but I never really felt a connection to the people like the NAMSTERS, as we affectionately call each other.

As a member, you have access to various resources.  Below are just some of the resources that are available:

  1. Weekly Training
  2. Training Based on your Experience
  3. Over 1000 Tutorial Videos
  4. Special Reports on a variety of topics
  5. Checklists
  6. Accountability Groups
  7. Private Forum
  8. Member blogs with ‘do follow” links
  9. Member Directory
  10. Royalty Free Music
  11. Royalty Free Graphics
  12. Niche Sites
  13. Affiliate Program
  14. Niche Mall
  15. Rebrandable Reports

As an online business owner, I wanted to be part of a community that was doing the same things that I was doing.  I also wanted to be able to help people and get help as well.

Currently, the monthly price for the membership is less than $20/month.  This price is going up Sunday evening, but even with the increase, this deal is a no brainer.  I have belonged to other membership sites that cost 25 times more but don’t have 25 times the value in my opinion.

MyNAMS has helped me generate more traffic to my blog because it allows members to upload blog posts that link back to your blog with do-follow links.  When I have questions, I have a non-judgmental forum that is there to answer my questions.  Also, since there are people of all levels from online newbies to people who earn 6 to 7 figures a year, I can contribute and answer questions as well.  Of course, this makes me feel good and boosts my confidence.

If you currently want to start an online business, you already have an online business or you want to expand your offline business, I strongly recommend that you check out the MyNAMS Total Business System Membership.


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