NetworkedBlogs vs. Manual Post – Which One Gets More Facebook Views

NetworkedBlogsOne way to get more traffic to your blog is to post your blog posts on Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the internet.  With an Alexa ranking of 2, it gets the second most traffic after Google. NetworkedBlogs is a Facebook application that will syndicate your blog content to Facebook. Once you set up your blog in the application, you need to claim your blog.  You can either add HTML code to your blog or ask 10 friends to help you claim your blog. You invite your friends to follow your blog and can also add a NetworkedBlogs badge to your blog. The badge shows how many followers you have and allows people to follow your blog on Facebook.

If you use NetworkedBlogs, your new blog posts are automatically posted to your wall once you have 11 followers. The posts are also sent to your friend’s newsfeeds as well as the people who like your Business page.  If you don’t have 11 followers, you need to go to the application to post the blog posts to Facebook.

There is quite a bit of controversy regarding the use of NetworkedBlogs on Facebook.  It has been reported that content displayed using this application has a lower EdgeRank than blog posts that have been manually posted.  EdgeRank is the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what will be displayed in your news feed.

It has been reported that Facebook collapses the posts from Third Party applications like NetworkedBlogs so your post may never been seen.  The posts are grouped together and only the most recent one is displayed.  People can’t view, like or comment on the collapsed posts unless they click the “See <n> more posts from NetworkedBlogs”. Most people don’t pay attention to this link, so it is not clicked often.

At this point, it is somewhat confusing on which method you should use.  Some people use NetworkedBlogs and post manually which is what I will do for now.  I will see if there is any difference in the number of likes, shares and comments that are received based on the method of posting. Other people are using the application but uncheck the option of automatically posting to their wall.

What has been your experience? Do you see more engagement with your blog posts when you post them manually?


NetworkedBlogs vs. Manual Post – Which One Gets More Facebook Views — 4 Comments

  1. I heard the posts will not show unless you have an image on them–a good idea anyway. I prefer one of the facebook plugins that automatically posts to my pages without using networked blogs. I’ve been using both to observe what happens.
    sometimes the networked blog posts go up[ the next day for me.

    • Ali, from my research, adding an image is essential. There seems to be a formula based on your number of followers that determines how long it takes for you blog to post in NetworkedBlogs.

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