Online Marketing – How It Is Similar To a Basketball

Online Marketing BasketballInternet marketing can be compared to many things, including sports. As I was thinking about my online marketing journey, I realized that online marketing is similar to basketball in many ways. These similarities include the idea of having a coach to help you to achieve your goals, having to wear many hats in your business, and the idea of having cheerleaders to keep you moving. I’ll go into more detail on each of these points here so that you can use this same analogy to further build your business.

Online Marketing – Coach

Just like in sports, you need an online marketing coach. In sports, a coach is a role model, mentor and teacher. The coach will mold and develop the team as people as well as athletes. A lot of online marketers believe that they do not need a coach; however, I disagree.  If you talk to the top online marketers, you will find that they still have a coach.  My coach/mentor is Connie Ragen Green.  I have a one-on-one call with her every month as well as corresponding with her through email.  I also participate in her 10K Laser Coaching Program. You need to find someone that you resonate with and respect to be your coach.

Online Marketing – General Manager

A Basketball General Manager wears many hats such as running the team, dealing with contract negotiations, planning budgets, scouting, etc. In your online marketing business, you need to wear many hats too especially when you are just starting.  You are in charge on content creation, technical support, marketing, accounting, product creation, etc.  Once you start to increase your income, there are some things that you can start to outsource.

Online Marketing – Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders get the crowd excited about the team, cheer for the team and keep the audience hopeful even when the team is losing. You need raving fans and cheerleaders for your online marketing business as well.  It is every marketer’s dream that the people on your list are your fans and cheerleaders.  You want a list that is supportive and are always willing to recommend you to their inner circle. If you can achieve this type of rapport with your list, you will definitely be successful.

As you can see, the idea of this basketball analogy truly makes sense when it comes to building and growing a successful online business. Think about the coaching you are currently receiving, the many roles you play in your business, and the way that your cheerleaders, or raving fans, add to the way in which you are developing your business on the Internet.

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