Online Marketing Training – University vs. Self-Taught vs. Formal

Online Marketing Training

If you are just getting started in Online Marketing or if you have been around the block a few times, you may be thinking about what type of online marketing training exists and what is best for you. There are basically three types of online marketing training – training from a university, learn on your own or take part in a formal education program.

As someone who could be a professional student, this was a dilemma for me.  When I found out that there were a few universities that offered degrees in Internet Marketing including a Masters program, I was intrigued. As a person with two Bachelors and a Masters, this seemed like a viable option. These programs are offered online.  The self-taught option also seemed doable.  I am a tech person so I should be able to learn this on my own, right? With the formal education option, I would be learning from people who do this for a living in a systematized way.

Ultimately, I decided against getting a degree in Internet Marketing. I was worried that I would just get theory with no practical knowledge.  I didn’t want some instructor teaching me something that he/she had never done themselves. I continue to learn things on my own, but I wanted a formal education as well. When you learn things on your own, you may not get everything.  For example, when I set up my first WordPress blog, I left the username of the administrator to admin.  Subsequently, I learned that this was a terrible mistake.  The formal education that I decided on was the Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS). For additional information on NAMS, you can read two other articles – 5 Reasons an Internet Marketing Newbie Should Attend the Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop – NAMS and NAMS Membership – Why Should I Join?

NAMS has revamped its online marketing training and now they have 4 tracks- 100, 200, 300 and 400. It is set up like a university but it is based on results. Their online marketing training is for a beginner who doesn’t even have a website to a person who has a fulltime online business. The 100 level is for newbies or people who are online but not making any sales.  NAMS 200 is for people who have made a few sales. NAMS 300 is for people who are making money consistently online but want to make this their only source of income. NAMS 400 is for people who are making enough money to do this fulltime.  They also have several streams of income including some passive ones.

With the NAMS training, you take a test that determines what level you should start with. This training is free to members.  NAMS offers lifetime membership or a monthly, quarterly or annual membership.

Even though I have a website, I am going to start at the 100 level because I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything such as leaving my login as admin which I explained before. I definitely recommend this method of training.  Sign up for the lifetime membership or a monthly, quarterly or annual membership. I can personally attest that NAMS has been invaluable to me.

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