Using an Opt-In Page As a List Building Strategy

Opt-in Page

Using an opt-in page is a great list building strategy. After making sure you have an opt-in form on every page of your blog, I recommend you start working on a dedicated opt-in page. The sole purpose of the opt-in page is to get people to sign up for your list. It’s a great way to grow your list quickly because you know have a destination you can send people to.  Use it in social media posts, articles, guest blog posts, forum posts etc.

Easy URL for your Opt-In Page

Start with an easy to remember URL. If you’d like you can go all out and buy a dedicated domain for your opt-in page, but that’s certainly not necessary. Instead you can simply pick a short and easy to remember link. For example if your site is called, a good URL for your opt-in page maybe

Captivating Headline for Your Opt-In Page

Next, you want to write a compelling headline that will grab your reader’s attention and keep him or her on your opt-in page. Going back to our gardening example, here are a few examples of good headlines:

  • Find Out How To Grow Delicious Tomatoes In Half The Time
  • Sign Up Today For Expert  Tips From A Gardening Enthusiast
  • Creating A Garden That’s The Envy Of The Whole Neighborhood Is Easier Than You Think. Sign Up Today For Expert Tips Delivered Straight To Your Email Inbox.

Take a look at magazine headlines and other newsletters to get ideas for your own opt-in page. Make your offer sound great, but don’t go overboard. You want to make sure you can deliver on the promise you’re making here.

Keep Your Opt-In Page Short

You don’t need a lot of text on your opt-in page. It’s been tested over and over again that pages that are short and to the point tend to outperform those with long paragraphs of text.

Instead, focus on the benefits. What’s in it for your subscribers? What will they get out of signing up?

Start with a short introductory paragraph, and then move on to what’s in it for your readers. List those benefits as bullet points on your opt-in page.

If you’d like, you can also include an image that relates to the topic of your blog. In our gardening example, I may add an image of a nice looking tomato plant right next to the benefit statements.

Right below that, include the opt-in form.

Close with a sentence or two letting your readers know that you look forward to sharing those tips with them. If possible, include a picture of yourself and your handwritten signature. Both elements build trust and will make it more likely that someone will sign up.

Submit Button

Of course your page will include a submit button. It’s often a simple grey button with the words “Submit” on it. I recommend using either a color that goes well with your theme or even better, a bright red button. Good options for wording on the button are “Join Now”, “Get Started”, “Claim Your Free Report” or “Sign Me Up!”  If you are using Aweber to create your opt-in form for this page, changing the button can be done right within the web form editor. Otherwise, ask your web designer for help changing this on your opt-in page.

Once your opt-in page is set up, it’s a just a matter of driving traffic to it. You can link to this page from the navigation bar of your blog and from within your posts. You can also use this page in social media posts, on popular forums you participate in and any other form of traffic generation.

If you would like to learn more about list building, get my free report List Building For Internet Marketing Newbies.


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