10 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

10 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

 Affiliate Marketing MistakesIt’s easy to make a lot of mistakes when you first start affiliate marketing. But, if you take the time to educate yourself you can avoid a lot of the problems that might arise. Affiliate marketing is a good way to produce an extra income, add an additional income stream, and even to earn a full-time living, but only if you are prepared and go about it the right way. Here are 10 affiliate marketing mistakes you’ll definitely want to avoid.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes – Choosing the Wrong Products

Any product you choose should offer a solution to a problem that your audience has. First choose who your audience is, then find solutions for them. Doing it the other way around can include the risk that there is not an audience for that product in the first place.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes- Recommending What You Do Not Use

Just like you wouldn’t recommend a restaurant you have never been to or a movie you have never seen, you should only recommend affiliate products that you actually use. I only recommend products that I have actually purchased or people that I trust.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes – Joining Too Many Networks

You cannot make good income from affiliate products if you spread yourself too thin. Choose just a couple networks and work directly with some good products and their managers to ensure the best mix of products for your audience’s needs. For physical products, I recommend that you start with the Amazon Associates program if this is legal in your state.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes – Not Investing in Helpful Resources

There are a lot of very helpful products, services and solutions today that can help make your life easier as an affiliate marketer. Set a budget and invest in your business. You can’t make money without spending, but you want to spend it wisely. If you are new to affiliate marketing, I recommend Connie Ragen Green’s Really Simple Affiliate Marketing course.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes – Not Using Technology to Its Fullest

Email lists, autoresponders, social media, blogs etc. all involve using technology. Seek to learn fully each new piece of tech that you add to your business before adding the next one. Check out Leave The Corporate World Behind’s blog for more information on these topics.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes – Not Using A/B Testing

A/B testing means to test two different versions of something like an email subject line, a sales page headline, graphic or something else. But the trick is to change only one small aspect of it during the test. The one that works best can then be used throughout your marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes – Not Looking at Your Competitors

Many times your competitors are doing a lot of things right that you can learn from. If they are successful, you want to look at them. Buy some of their products and sign up for the lists. Make a note of what they’re doing right and wrong and make a plan to do even better.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes – Thinking You Don’t Need SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is super important, no matter what you’re doing. You can use it when you are completing a social media profile, a guest blogging bio, and more. It just means that you are considering the search engines (and your audience) in whatever you do, both on and off your website.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes – Not Finding Multiple Streams of Income

You do not want too many products, but on the other hand you don’t want to deal with only one. You need to diversify your income stream by adding more than one product. The trick is ensuring that all products fit with your ideal audience. Make sure you are recommending both digital and physical products. Books are always a great way to increase your affiliate income.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes – Spending Too Much Time Creating Marketing Collateral

With most products, choose programs that create all the marketing material for you. The reason is that you should not be driving marketing strategy; the company should. If they can’t take the time to create marketing materials for you, it may not be the product you want to promote.

Now that you know what not to do, it is now ready for you to get started with affiliate marketing. Ensuring that you put in the needed time and effort to study your market, knowing what your competition is doing, and promoting the right products to the right people will go far in making sure that you are successful at affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Niche Site – What It Is And Why I Want One

What is affiliate marketing

affiliate niche siteAccording to Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is “type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.” My definition is you recommend something you love to your customers and when they buy, you receive a commission or referral fee. Just like you would not recommend a movie that you had not seen, you would not recommend a product that you didn’t use or didn’t trust the source. When you are an affiliate for digital products you generally receive a higher commission; however, I still recommend physical products from Amazon, Walmart and Target. Now that you understand affiliate marketing, let’s move on to affiliate niche site.

What is an affiliate niche site?

An affiliate niche site is a website that you build that is around a niche such as Halloween or Christmas. I have built Halloween niche sites as well as Christmas sites. It can be very profitable if you build your site around popular products and you drive traffic to your site. This is a great way to build passive income.

Why would want to an affiliate niche site now?

Now is a great time to build niche sites especially around the holidays. More people are looking to buy presents online especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People are doing more shopping online and less at brick-and-mortar stores. In 2015, $69.1 billion was spent on ecommerce during the holiday season and it is expected to grow by 16.6% this year. 92% of holiday shoppers will go online to either research or purchase gifts this holiday season

How do I build an affiliate niche site?

I build my affiliate niche sites using WordPress. I buy a domain name, purchase hosting and install my site using WordPress. WordPress is very easy to maintain yourself. Also, you can buy Private Label Rights or PLR articles to put on your site. There are even videos that you can put on your site.

Affiliate Niche Site Online Course

I have created the Affiliate Niche Site Online Course that teaches you step-by-step how to create your own affiliate niche site using WordPress. There are 3 live modules that step you through the entire process. You can either attend live or watch the recordings that will be in your membership site. So, if you’re a newbie who wants to start a part-time online marketing business or you are serious about how to create affiliate sites that will generate another stream of income, here’s why you can’t wait and you need to act on this right now. I would love to help you create Affiliate Niche Sites right now.

It’s My Freedomversary

My Freedomversary

FreedomversaryOctober 8th was the one year anniversary of my exodus from Corporate America. It is my Freedomversary. I can’t believe it has been a year. The year has gone by quickly. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just returned from Connie Ragen Green’s Weekend Marketer Live event in Manhattan Beach, CA. Not only had I attended the event, but I had the opportunity to speak as well. My talk was on Google Analytics and I had really connected with the audience. I was very excited and couldn’t wait to get home to get started implementing the new things I learned.

I had just finished a very challenging contract right before I left for my trip. I was eager to get started with my next assignment and close out the previous one. I retuned home on a Tuesday and my world was turned upside down on that Thursday. At 3 PM on October 8, 2015, I received a call from my supervisor that I was being laid off immediately. I would be paid for the next two weeks, but as of now, I had been relieved of my duties. I was in shock. I had never been laid off. I had always been the employee that went the extra mile and did whatever it took to get the job done. I had worked so many hours on this contract that just ended. I sacrificied so many things for this job and other jobs that I had in the past. Just like that, it was over.

My plan was to leave the corporate world but not exactly at that time. It was the beginning of 4th quarter, I was really going to hit it hard with my Amazon business to give me some cushion. Well that was all out of the window. To give insult to injury, my benefits would end on October 8th instead of the end of the month. In all the other jobs that I have had over my career, benefits will continue until the end of the month. At first I had a range of emotions, anger, disbelief, fear, sadness and panic.

 I then realized that this was not the worst thing that had happened to me. I have lost both of my parents and this is the most devasting thing that has happened in my life. With the encouragement of my family, friends and mentor, I decided that I would not look for another job. This would start my journey as a full-time entrepreneur. I believe that this was God’s way of getting me out of a stressful situation that was slowly killing me physically and emotionally.

I now completely embrace my new normal as a full-time entreprenuer that has gotten out of the rat race, control my own destiny and no longer trade time for dollars. I will not say that it has been easy or it is not stressful at times but it is a different kind of stress. Everything hasn’t gone perfectly but I would not trade it for the world.

I am blessed to be able to celebrate my Freedomversary. If this is something that you desire, then don’t give up on your dream. You need to work on your business everyday even if you only have limited time. You may have to give up television, going out or other things that take up your time. Believe me, in the end, it is worth it.

If you are interested in leaving the corporate world behind, then there are various ways to earn additional streams of income. You can become an affiliate marketer, online marketer, author or information product creator. You can also start an ecommerce business. I currently have all of these streams of income.

October 8, 2015 started a new chapter in my life that I thank God for everyday. I am so passionate about helping others create their own Freedomversary. If you want to leave the corporate world behind, please leave a comment and let me know your struggles so that I can help you obtain your freedom.

How to Grow Your Audience Using Facebook Live

Facebook Live StatisticsHow to Grow Your Audience Using Facebook Live

Are you using Facebook Live yet? If not, you should seriously consider it. This infographic, Top 5 Facebook Video Statistics for 2016 has some very interesting statistics. Did you know that people spend 3 times longer watching video which is Live compared to video which is no longer Live? Also, video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. Before Facebook Live, most people would upload their YouTube videos to Facebook. Now, Facebook’s share of video posts uploaded directly to Facebook has overtaken YouTube’s videos on Facebook.

Once you try creating content for Facebook Live, you will very quickly recognize just how great the format is for really connecting with your audience and offering something different and more exciting compared with your competition.

And once you realize that, you’ll no doubt want to ensure that your content is seen by as many people as possible. This is why it’s so important to start building your viewership and making sure you have as large an audience as possible. And after all, isn’t that the MO of any online marketer?

So the question then becomes: how do you go about growing your audience on Facebook and getting more people to read your content? Let’s answer that question.

Social Media Marketing

Anyone who follows your Facebook Page should be able to see your live content on their home feed. And happily, Facebook has commented that its algorithm puts live content above most other types of content. Thus, the easiest way to get more people to see your videos is to grow your following for your page. And the way you do that is the way you handle any social media marketing: by building your brand across multiple channels and making sure that you are consistently offering high quality and establishing yourself as an authority.

Facebook Ads

You can also use Facebook Advertising to build more likes for your page. And actually, the best way to do this is with ‘CPA’ or ‘Cost Per Action’. This means you only pay when someone takes action through your advertising and in this case, that can mean liking your page.

If you can work out how many of your followers see your video and how many of your viewers buy your products, you can then calculate a budget for your CPA ads and actually guarantee a good ROI or Return On Investment. CPA combined with Facebook targeting is one of the very best ways to grow your audience.

Use the Right Description

As with the title of a link, the description of your video is one of the only influencing factors you have to work with. Your aim is to make your video stand out and grab attention in a way that will make people curious!

Invite People to Follow

Some people will find your videos through friends or through the Facebook Live Map. Make sure that you invite them to follow you so you can turn those first-time viewers into long-term fans!

Facebook Live Cheat Sheet

If you want to learn more about how you can use Facebook Live in your business, check out the Facebook Live Cheat Sheet. The Facebook Live Cheat Sheet will show you the latest breaking Facebook Live marketing news, how to use Facebook Live and how to market with Facebook Live.  Use Facebook Live to counteract the decreasing organic reach of your Facebook posts.

Sometimes You Have To Let It Go

Let It GoSometimes You Have To Let It Go

Recently, I finally got rid of my 2000 Toyota Avalon. It had over 250,000 miles on it and needed significant work (catalytic converter and sensors). It would not pass emissions so either I had to get it fixed or let it go. I really didn’t want to get rid of it even though I purchased a new Toyota Avalon in January 2015. When the tow truck took it away, I was a little sad. I knew it may sound pretty silly but I had that car for 16 years. There were a lot of fond memories. My son played travel basketball growing up so that car saw many road trips. But is was time to let it go.

The same thing can happen in your business. Sometimes it is time to let things go. You may be doing something that was good to do at the time but now it is not. It is time to let it go. I will give you an example. At one time, posting articles in the article directories was a great way to drive traffic to your website. Google loved them and your articles would show up high in the search rankings. At some point, Google no longer loved them so these directories did not help your business as much. I used to write articles on a regular basis and even hosted a 30 Day Article Challenge. This is an example of something I had to let go. You can still write articles but they are not going to give you the boost they once did. This is no longer a priority in my business.

Are there things you are doing in your business that no longer serve you? You need to do an assessment every 3 months to determine if you need to make changes. You may need to add some things and let others go.

One of the hot things right now is live video. There is Periscope and Facebook Live. People still watch a lot of YouTube videos but they are really into live video now. I follow several people on Periscope and look forward to their scopes. Facebook Live is even newer and is gaining popularity every day. Are you embracing these new technologies? I am not saying that you should drop everything you are doing to jump on the latest bandwagon, but you must be aware of the trends. You don’t want to be thought of as “a thing of the past”.

Don’t be so stuck on how you have always done things that you are not open to new things. Be objective and determine when it is time to let things go. A successful business is one that keeps up with the trends and is willing to try new things.

If you would like more information about Periscope then check out Periscope Marketing Authority Social Informer Cheat Sheet and the Udemy course Periscope Business. You can check out Your Guide to Growing Your Loyal Audience Using Facebook Live and Turning Them into Subscribers and Sales to learn more about Facebook Live.

Tribute To Pat Summitt, A Role Model For Everyone

Pat Summitt

Photo- Patrick Murphy-Racey

Today, not only did the sports world lose a legend, but the world did. Pat Summitt, who was the Women’s Basketball Coach for the University of Tennessee for 38 years, passed away from Alzheimer’s. She was only 64 years old. Her basketball resume is incredible. She won 1098 games and eight NCAA national championships. She also had a 100% graduation rate which is impressive in itself. She is the winningest basketball coach in NCAA history for both men’s and women’s Division I teams. Pat was also the co-captain of the U.S. Women’s Olympic Basketball team and earned a silver medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. As head coach, she led the 1984 U.S. Women’s Olympic Team to a gold medal in Los Angeles.

Pat Summitt has a lot of accolades, but that is not what I want to focus on here. Not only did she changed the game of basketball for women, but she truly touched the lives of her players. The current head coach of Tennessee’s team, Holly Warlick, is her former player and was her assistant coach for many years. Many of her former players play in the WNBA, are former WNBA players, Olympians or play overseas. This week, many of them came back to Tennessee to say goodbye. This lets me know that she was much more than a coach to them. Many of her players have said that she was instrumental in shaping the women they are today.

Pat Summitt had set of rules to live by called the Definite Dozen.

Pat Summitt Definite Dozen

  1. Respect Yourself and Others

  2. Take Full Responsibility

  3. Develop and Demonstrate Loyalty

  4. Learn to Be a Great Communicator

  5. Discipline Yourself So No One Else Has To

  6. Make Hard Work Your Passion

  7. Don’t Just Work Hard, Work Smart

  8. Put the Team Before Yourself

  9. Make Winning an Attitude

  10. Be a Competitor

  11. Change Is a Must

  12. Handle Success Like You Handle Failure

These rules are rules that do not just pertain to basketball. They pertain to life. What if we all lived by these rules and conducted our businesses with these rules in mind? What a better place the world would be. When I think about the trailblazer that Pat Summitt was and the hard work and dedication that she had, I know that I can do better.

I can be a better role model for the younger generation as well as people just starting out in their online marketing or ecommerce businesses. I can live by her Definite Dozens and operate my business by these principles as well.  What will people say about you when you die? Will they say that you had a lot of money and a very successful business? Or will they say those things as an afterthought and instead highlight the great influential person you were. Rest In Peace Pat Summitt.

Goal Setting – Stretch Yourself

Goal SettingDo you do goal setting on a regular basis? If not, you should definitely consider it. Actually setting goals and then declaring them in public, makes you more accountable.

I have decided to join Kelly McCausey’s Stretch Yourself Challenge this month and I want to publicly declare my goals for June 2016. At first I was really hesitant to participate in this challenge. First, I am pretty self-motivated. I don’t need people to get me to do things that I need to do. If there is something that really needs to get done, then I get it done even if I procrastinate sometimes. Secondly, I am not really a group person. I am an introvert and really don’t mind working alone. So, just joining this challenge is actually stretching me. This is something that I have really been trying to work on this year.

I have a ton of things that I want to accomplish this month. It has been almost 8 months since I left the corporate world behind and I have a lot of work to do before the year ends. Since I am really operating 2 businesses, my goals are around two topics – online marketing and Amazon FBA. Below are the goals I have for this month.

Goal Setting

  • Write 4 blog posts for Leave The Corporate World Behind
  • Write 4 blog posts for How To Get Started With FBA
  • Complete new opt-in for Leave The Corporate World Behind
  • Develop a new opt-in for How To Get Started With FBA
  • Complete 1 new online course related to traffic
  • Create 1 information product
  • Create new Leave The Corporate World Behind podcast
  • Do 2 new teleseminars
  • Set up new podcast for How To Get Started With FBA
  • Go to at least one trade show and pick up at least 1 new wholesale account
  • Ship 1000 items to Amazon
  • Connect with an Amazon FBA person that I want to meet
  • Hold ½ day seminar on How To Get Started With Amazon FBA
  • Complete outline for new book and write 15,000 words
  • Read 2 books

The Stretch Yourself Challenge includes 14 challenges and I plan to complete at least 5 of them and have come up with some others as well. At the end of the month, I will report on what I actually accomplished from this list. Leave me a comment and tell me your goals for this month. Remember goal setting is very important for a successful business.

3 Online Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Online Marketing Mistakes3 Online Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Many online marketers run into the exact same problem over and over again. They all have awesome products and content to offer their customers, but they get stuck and stagnate. I don’t want this same thing to happen to you so please avoid these three online marketing mistakes.

Online Marketing Mistake #1: Not Marketing Consistently

The first online marketing mistake that is made by online marketers is to not market consistently. It never fails. Most new bloggers, affiliate marketers and product sellers get excited when they start out, so they tell everyone they can about their project.

But then, they don’t get the results they were hoping for and just give up or they get some good results, but fail to keep it up. This same thing has happened to me. You get discouraged and start thinking that marketing is not working.

The thing is, marketing is an ongoing process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. It just has to be part of your overall business plan. Each daily plan needs to include at least one marketing item, so you develop a habit and stay consistent with your growth.

Online Marketing Mistake #2: Being Wishy Washy

You are probably thinking that you are a blogger, writer or product creator not a marketer. The last thing you want to be thought of is a used car salesman. I don’t blame you if you feel that way. I have felt the same exact way.

Marketing is not the same as a high-pressure sale. If you do it right, marketing blends in with your content creation process. It becomes a part of everything you do. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your work and recommending it to others and that’s exactly what a smart marketing plan does.

Online Marketing Mistake #3: Trying to Reinvent the Wheel

The world of online marketing can certainly be difficult to navigate, but what you need to succeed is right in front of you. See what is working for others and figure out how you can apply that to your own business. I am not advocating copying someone but you need to make sure you are not trying to reinvent the wheel.

This is always easier said than done. How do you know what’s really working and how can you apply the strategies without copying someone else? One way is to follow people who have figured it out and have been successful for a long time.

Ron Douglas and Alice Seba have been at this for a very long time. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they’re always willing to share freely.  They are the perfect example of marketers who don’t sound like a used car salesman, but certainly aren’t wishy-washy. They engage their audiences by educating them and making them feel like they need their solutions.

DFY TemplatesDFY Templates

That’s one of the reasons they launched DFY Templates. Each month, they offer you their fill-in-the-blanks templates to help you get your marketing done quickly and effectively. You have full rights to edit the templates how you’d like. You can even use them with your clients or brand them and resell them.

The special charter member opportunity expires very soon, so go here now and get the lowest price possible.

Click here to get instant access to your first marketing template package and let me know what you think. There is no sense reinventing the wheel. Also, this product can help you avoid the 3 most common online marketing mistakes.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google AnalyticsWhat Is Google Analytics

Google Analytics, also commonly referred to as GA, is one of the many services offered by the search engine giant Google. It is primarily a resource used by people owning websites who want to measure the performance of their websites using statistics. Internet marketers, bloggers, webmasters or companies owning websites are just some of the people who benefit from this tool. Google Analytics records every activity to, on and from the website which allows its users to know exactly how their website is performing.

Google Analytics records the traffic to a website, the redirected or rerouted visitors from other sites, search engines, directories, advertising platforms or even people accessing a website by directly entering the URL into a browser. The tool goes even further and records the amount of time a visitor spends on a website or on a given webpage within a website, the geographical location of the user or viewer, whether or not the user is eventually buying anything, signing up for a service or expressing interest in a product.

There are various ways Google Analytics tracks user activity on a website. Right from the advertisement links to referring through social networks, every source, route and access of a user is recorded. It records data in real time and offers a quick real time snapshot.

Marketers can access the analysis made by Google Analytics by using the dashboard of the application, where a summary of the assessment is displayed or they can view comprehensive reports based on different aspects of the website, such as; traffic, page views, visitor behavior, etc. that detail everything extensively.

Google Analytics has multiple utilities. It can be used to gauge the popularity of a website, the ranking in search engines, the performance in regards to sales and activity and to understand if the marketing practices are effective. It also helps you to understand if the content on your webpage is impressive, if the ads posted on certain affiliate networks are getting results and conversions and every other aspect associated with a website’s performance.

15 Day Analytics Challenge

Now that you know what Google Analytics is, you probably want to learn how to effectively use Google Analytics to analyze the productivity of your own website. The 15 Day Analytics Challenge is a beginner-friendly course that teaches you how to set up Google Analytics and run the reports that are essential for your website. This course is taught over a 3-week period using live and recorded webinars that give you step-by-step directions. The 15 Day Analytics Challenge also includes 15 mini lessons that reinforce the material covered in the webinars using more detailed videos, audios, and checklists. Learning how to set up Google Analytics and analyzing the reports is one of the essential parts of a successful online business.

Affiliate Marketing Newbie Tips

Affiliate Marketing NewbieAffiliate Marketing Newbie Tips

If you’re looking to build an online business, you can’t go wrong with affiliate marketing. It’s a great way to build an online income and work from home. It’s extremely low risk and it’s easy to learn. Here are a seven tips to get you started as an affiliate marketing newbie.

Affiliate Marketing Newbie Tip #1 – Niche Selection

Choose an affiliate niche topic you are interested in. You’re going to be writing, thinking about, planning and talking about your topic for as long as you own your business, so it helps if you enjoy your topic.

Affiliate Marketing Newbie Tip #2 – Reputable Affiliate Programs

You want to make sure that you choose affiliate programs that have a solid reputation. Some of the things you should look out for are:

  • Paying on time
  • Converting visitors into sales (you’re sending them the visitors, it’s their job to make the sale)
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Providing a superior product or service (one you can feel proud to represent)
  • Making sure their affiliates have all they need to succeed

Affiliate Marketing Newbie Tip #3 – Research

Make sure you spend time researching your audience, researching keywords and building a solid content foundation. Content is what is going to drive traffic to your website. It’s what is going to increase your search engine page ranking, and it’s what is going to bring visitors back time and time again. The better your content foundation, the more affiliate sales you’re going to make. Content can be in the form of:

  • Reviews
  • Articles
  • Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Interviews
  • Audios
  • Videos

Affiliate Marketing Newbie Tip #4 – Marketing Strategy

Make sure you have a marketing strategy that is based on realistic goals, a sound budget, and has testing and tracking strategies in place to measure success. Your marketing strategy will change and grow as your business changes and grows, so you also want to create a plan to regularly assess and fine-tune your marketing strategy. Tactics you may want to consider include:

  • PPC
  • Banner and Text Advertising
  • Social Networking
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Joint Venture Partnerships

Affiliate Marketing Newbie Tip #5 – Profit Goals

Create profit goals and a plan to make them happen. Planning is one of your most important responsibilities as an affiliate marketer and internet entrepreneur. Plans include goals, steps to make them happen, and a system of measuring success. Plan to plan – it’s essential for success.

Affiliate Marketing Newbie Tip #6 – Education

Never stop learning and make sure you take action too. Continue to learn about affiliate marketing because internet marketing is a continually changing field. There will be new strategies to try, new products to represent and new forms of content and content topics to create. Your audience may even change as you grow.

Affiliate Marketing Newbie Tip #7 – Patience

Be patient. The internet is full of get rich quick schemes and they’re just not true. Affiliate marketing is a great way to build a business and make good money. However, it takes time, work and patience. Follow the advice of legitimate affiliate marketing experts, plan and take action. You can do it!

Affiliate Marketing Newbie Training

If you would like some additional information and training regarding affiliate marketing, then I recommend two products. The first one is Affiliate Sales Domination. This program is for absolute beginners who want to earn extra income on the Internet using affiliate marketing. If you can set aside just 1-3 hours a week, then this program is for you. This is a step-by-step 52-week training program for making money online by promoting affiliate programs.

The second program is called Really Simple Affiliate Marketing. This is a four module workshop training that teaches you the skills to become an affiliate marketer. Really Simple Affiliate Marketing will teach you how to get started and how to build an affiliate marketing business that can be your primary online income.

If you’ve chosen to start an affiliate marketing business, you’ve chosen well. This is a powerful business model with the potential to attain good profits. Take your time, follow your plan and you’ll succeed!