Part 2 PLR Tips – 10 More Things to Do with PLR

Part 2 PLR TipsIn 10 PLR Tips – 10 Things To Do with PLR, I gave you 10 tips on how you can use PLR or Private Label Rights. This is another post will give you 10 more ways you can use PLR. Check out these part 2 PLR tips.

Part 2 PLR Tips #1 – Video

 Turn the content into a video. Whether it’s a talking head video a demonstration of a how-to article, PLR offers a lot of inspiration for video creation.

Part 2 PLR Tips #2 – Website Creation

 Create websites using PLR that feed into your main website. Small targeted websites are a viable way of driving traffic into your main site.

Part 2 PLR Tips #3 – Inspiration

Use it as inspiration for your own original content. When you aren’t sure what to write about or what facts and information to include, PLR can be a great inspiration.

Part 2 PLR Tips #4 – Vacation Content

Stock up on PLR before you go on vacation or will be away and schedule it to publish while you’re gone.  Now there’s no need to worry about what will happen with your blog when you’re gone.

Part 2 PLR Tips #5 – Presentations

Use the content for presentations and workshops…you can even find slideshows with PLR rights that might come in handy. This will cut your preparation time dramatically.

Part 2 PLR Tips #6 – Social Media

 Share the content on social media. Post particularly interesting articles on Facebook, Google+ and more. These networks allow you to post longer bits of content.

Part 2 PLR Tips #7 – Tweets

Break up tips articles into individual tips and post them to Twitter. You can even use a tool like to schedule the tweets automatically.

Part 2 PLR Tips #8 – Reports and eBooks

 Create a report or eBook from PLR and give it to your customers as a no-strings gift. Long after your customers have made the purchase, surprise them with a handy extra. They’ll love it!

Part 2 PLR Tips #9 – Information Product Content

Bulk up an existing info product with PLR materials. Go through your information products and see where you can add more information, tools and helpful guidance.

Part 2 PLR Tips #10 – Webinar or Teleseminar

Use the content for a webinar or teleseminar. You can make it a free event and build your list with it or charge for entry.

As you can see, there are many ways to use PLR and it can dramatically increase the content you are able to produce. PLR is great for repurposing and should be used in your business on a consistent basis. My recommendations for good PLR sources are Easy PLR, List Magnets and Coach Glue. They consistently have great quality PLR. I also recommend the Quick Content Volume 2  PLR package which contains 320,000 words of PLR content.

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