Passive Income Creation – Eight Ways to Create Passive Income

Passive Income CreationThere are many ways to create passive income online today – more ways than this one article can give you. Perhaps you will get your creative juices flowing by looking at these ideas for making passive income online. If you are new to passive income you may want to check out What Is Passive Income. Below are eight ways of passive income creation.

Passive Income Creation #1 –  YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel to make passive income can take a lot of work. But, the video you make today can earn money for you forever, or at least as long as YouTube continues to do things the way they now do it.

The best way to proceed is to come up with a good idea that your audience will enjoy and try to put up as many videos as you can each week, no less than one a week. With YouTube, consistency is the key. A good example of a high earning YouTube Channel is Mother Goose Club which earns millions a year.

Passive Income Creation #2 –  Niche Website / Blog

A niche website or blog is a great way to earn passive income. At first, you’ll have to work extra hard getting up the right content, and finding the right products to promote.

A good example of a blog that earns good money is RealitySteve. You don’t have to create something about celebrities to earn a lot of money, though.

Passive Income Creation #3 – Kindle eBooks

You can write and publish Kindle eBooks for passive income. It’s easy and free to publish on Kindle. You can write the books yourself, or you can truly make it passive by outsourcing it to someone else to do. A man by the name of Ty Cohen makes millions via Kindle publishing. There are more, so that means it’s possible.

Passive Income Creation #4 –  Develop an App

You can also create apps to earn passive income. You don’t need to know even one bit of code, because you can find a freelancer on a site like Upwork to do it for you. Then you will promote the app to your audience. The app will earn money for a long time if you create the right kind.

Passive Income Creation #5 – Create an eCourse

With all the simple software that is available now, you can take your idea and create a course in no time. Try using a system like Udemy to promote and sell your course. Look “sell your eCourse online for money” and you’ll find plenty of ways to do it.

Passive Income Creation #6 –  Develop Information Products

This is one of my favorites, developing information products. You can write or use digital video to create information products to promote to your audience. In fact you can put them on ClickBank, JVZoo, Nanacast and other affiliate networks to allow others to sell the product too for a percentage. This is the fastest way to start making passive income if you have an audience to promote to.

Passive Income Creation #7 – Membership Website

If you have knowledge that others want, you can put it behind a membership wall and collect a monthly fee for those who want to join. Some good examples of memberships that make money are Product Drop and the membership community Living Plant Based. Any idea that you have can work as a membership community. The WordPress plugin WishList Member is an excellent way to create membership sites.

Passive Income Creation #8- Become a Niche Affiliate Marketer

There are many products already created that you can start to promote now. You can go to ClickBank, JVZoo and other affiliate networks to find products that have affiliate programs that are ready for you to promote. Simply use proven systems to promote their products, and you can be making passive income in no time. A good tool to help find profitable Clickbank products is CBEngine.

While the beginning of creating passive income is anything but “passive,” the point is that once you start creating and marketing these products you will stop the treadmill of trading hours for dollars. Instead of being limited by how much time you have each day, you’ll be able to sell your products to as many people as you desire.

There are many products that can help you set up your passive income. You can get the Passive Income Cheat Sheet or the Passive Income Planner.

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