Periscope Tools – What Tools Do You Use For Your Scopes?

Guess what I’m bringing to light! It should be an easy guess. It is Periscope tools. This is something many members of the Leave The Corporate World Behind community questioned me about lately. The fact that people asked me about it helped me decide that it’s a safe bet and that it will be as appreciated as I’d hope.

As you know, Periscope is the latest craze. In order to produce more professional scopes, there are some tools that you can use. One of the tools that is recommended as is stated in Chris Record’s periscope is a tripod for your smart phone or iPad.

Periscope Tools – Phone Mini Tripod

Periscope Tools Phone Mini TripodOne of the products that was discussed in the video was a flexible tripod that could be used for shooting scopes with your phone. Chris demonstrates the phone mini tripod in his scope. The flexible legs make it very easy to work with this tripod.


Periscope Tools – iPad Mini Tripod

Periscope Tools - iPad Mini TripodI like to use my iPad instead of my phone to create videos. I like the idea of having a flexible mini tripod so I did some research on Amazon and found the following product. It is basically the same as the mini tripod for your phone but it can hold your iPad.


If there are Periscope tools that you use, please share by leaving a comment below.

If you are curious as to how I was able to include Chris Record’s periscope as part of my blog, then you should check out WP Scope. WP Scope is a WordPress plugin that allows you to curate Periscope videos on your blog. You can also share them to Twitter and Facebook. Check back often as I will be including other online marketing related scopes.

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