Ping List – What It Is And How To Set It Up

Ping List

According to Wikipedia, a ping is a “XML Remote Procedure Call based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated”. In laymen’s terms, a ping is update service that lets others know that you have updated your blog. Ping services inform search engines, blog directories, news crawlers, etc. that you have published a new post.  This allows your post to be quickly indexed by search engines.

WordPress automatically notifies popular update services that you have updated your blog using Ping-o-Matic. Ping-o-Matic notifies many services with one ping.

To see what services you have configured on your WordPress site, you need to log in as an administration and go to the Dashboard.  Go to Settings and select Writing.  Scroll down until you see Update Services.  If you have not edited the list you will see one entry,

Ping List – 3 Must Haves

There are lot are other services that you can add as well.  There seems to be some controversy about this. Some bloggers have a list with many entries and others don’t. Below are 3 sites that you should include on your list:

One thing that you have to be cautious about is making sure your blog does not get marked as a “ping spammer”. When you are editing a post and you hit save, a ping is sent that you have updated your post. This sends unnecessary pings and this can cause you to be labeled as a “ping spammer”. Also, if you schedule a post in the future, your post can be sent many times.

Ping List Optimizer WordPress Plug-In

The WordPress plug-in WordPress Ping Optimizer does three important things:

  • All ping services are updated when you create a new post.
  • When you edit an existing post, unnecessary pings will not be sent.
  • When you schedule a post, it will ping only when your post appears in future.

Ping List WordPress Plug-In

If you do decide to use a big ping list, you must make sure that you don’t have duplicate entries in your list.  Multiple pings are another way that you can get labeled as a “ping spammer”. The WordPress plug-in Ping List Checker will let you know if your ping list is not unique.

At this point, I am going to stick to the three sites listed above.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you use WordPress Ping Optimizer or Ping List Checker. Also let me know which services you have in your ping list.


Ping List – What It Is And How To Set It Up — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks Adrienne for yet another informative post! I have the three ping services you have recommended 🙂 and I have used the WordPress Ping Optimizer plugin on my sites for a while.

    I didn’t know about the Ping List Checker though … so many plugins to perform all these functions – if you have loads of them does it not slow your site down at all?
    Moira recently posted…Get Hosting So Your Website Will Be Found OnlineMy Profile

    • Moira, if you do not have a large ping list, then the Ping List Checker is not needed. If you do have a large ping list, you just need to verify that you do not have any duplicates.

    • Jan, how you send updates to the search engines since you do not use the internal ping function that comes with WordPress?

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