Podcast: Leave The Corporate World Behind – Tools I Use In My Online Business

Ask The Online Newbie PodcastThere are many tools that are used in your online marketing business. There are paid tools, but there are also free tools that you can use. This podcast will discuss 8 tools that are used for the following:

          1. Social Sharing – Just Retweet  is a free social sharing platform dedicated to helping you get more retweets, Google Plus shares and Facebook likes.
          2. Twitter Analytics  – Twitter Counter is a free Twitter analytics tool. Once a week you’ll receive a report and on the report it will show you the number of followers, number gained for the week and your prediction for how many followers you’ll have for the next week. It will also give you a profile check.
          3. Social Curation  – Rebel Mouse  is a social curation site, which pulls in all of your social content from Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest and arranges it on one site.
          4. Hand Drawn Videos – Video Scribe is software that allows you to create the videos where someone is drawing the video as it plays.
          5. WordPress Headers  – XHeader is software that allows you to create your own headers either from scratch or from templates.
          6. ClickBank Product Selection  – CB Engine is a search engine for ClickBank and it also includes analytics from ClickBank. You can search by category and also see the historical ranking for the products. It will also show you the product’s gravity as well as the average earnings per sale.
          7. Internet Legal Documents  – AutoWebLaw includes all of the legal forms that are required for you website. It includes over 70 Internet legal documents. Once you determine the legal form you need, you put in your company name and it will generate the legal form for you that you can copy and paste onto a WordPress page on your website.
          8. Link Shortening – Pretty Link is a WordPress plugin that enables you to shrink, cloak, track and organize all your links on your domain and server.

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