Podcast Interview – Being Super Intentional About Growing Your Business

PodcastMy first Podcast interview is now live.  I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kelly McCausey of SoloSmarts. I have known about Kelly for a few years now.  We both attend the NAMS Conference and I have even attended one of her classes at NAMS.  At the Earn1KaDay event, I had an opportunity to spend time with her and get to know her. That is the beauty of live events, you really get to connect with people.

A few days after I was home from the event, I received a message from Kelly asking me if I would be a guest on her SoloSmarts podcast series.  I was shocked and flattered.  If you know anything about this series, she has some real heavy hitters on there.  I was thinking what could I possibly talk about that would be of interest to her audience.

The topic that she wanted to discuss was “Being Super Intentional About Growing Your Business”. Once I knew what the topic would be I calmed down some. This is something that I can talk about with no problem. A few years ago, I decided that at some point I wanted to leave corporate America and pursue online marketing full-time. The problem is I was not really doing what needed to be done to actually achieve this goal.

I have attended a lot of live events, bought my share of bright shiny objects and have even been addicted to webinars and seminars.  These actions are not enough to move you in the right direction towards a profitable online business.  I finally had the “aha” moment and decided that I needed to remove the obstacles that were preventing me from achieving my goals and also really make the commitment that was necessary.

In our interview, I talk about why I think people have trouble staying focused and actually following through.  I used my own experience as an example. I talked about the changes that I had to make in my own life if I was really going to make an online marketing career a reality. Everyone has to take a good hard look in the mirror and decide if you are really going to make the sacrifices that are necessary to be successful.

If you are struggling with figuring out what you really need to do to get your online marketing business off the ground, then you should listen to my interview on the SoloSmarts podcast, “Being Super Intentional About Growing Your Business”. I truly believe that it will help you gain clarity.


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  1. Those shiny objects can be just as game stopping as the roadblocks. Focusing and following through can be tough challenges until you decide those sacrifices are what is going to get you through. Thanks for your great information and podcast.

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